Monday, August 21, 2006

Happy Anniversary ...

     I was not able to make it last night to join in on all the anniversary festivities but I was thinking about all of you.

     I originally designed this hand made graphic for J-Lands First Anniversary Celebration. It won a contest for the cover of the Haiku Journal. You can see the original graphic and Ku HERE.

     This past year has been full of so many ups and downs because of the whole banner ads fiasco with AOL. It was devastating at best (at least for me) when so many of our friends and neighbors decided to leave this community but somehow we have managed to survive and even to thrive.

     Even though I am really busy these days and have less time than ever to read and write here, I am still very grateful to be part of this little community we still call J Land.  

     I also want to say how nice it was to have some of our old friends pay us a visit over the past few days like Vivian, CarlySteven  and Patrick to name a few. I hope they will always feel welcome here and who knows ... now that AOL will be offering their services for free, maybe we will start seeing some of our favorite writers return. 




jeanno43 said...

I hope Vivian does not leave us again either.  It is a great community and I am proud to be a part of it as I know you are.  Pity you could not join the chat, we had lots of Americans drop into the UK chat room and it was so nice to be able to talk to people who had been just names before.

oceanmrc said...

Congratulations on the anniversary!  Even though I no longer keep my journal at AOL, I still enjoy the writing of many who do -- including you!

suzypwr said...

The one constant in life is that things change - I also miss some of our former journalers.


onestrangecat said...

I have tried other places to journal but they never felt like home.  J-land is home to me.  It's that simple.


dcmeyer420 said...

Happy 3rd Anniversary. I'm glad you did not leave AOL and kept on posting entries.

gaboatman said...

Happy Anniversary, Indeed!  It's great to still have you here and yes, we all miss those who have chosen to post elsewhere.  You are right, though, we still thrive here and still feel the warmth and spirit of this community.  Yes, Happy Third Anniversary!

lifes2odd said...

There's nothing like J-Land! I still LOVE that graphic! Thanks for letting me borrow it a while back.
Martha :-)

alphawoman1 said...

I miss the old neighborhood. I know we have survived and thrived...but it is just not the same. I miss Slomo, Jukebox Woman, GoldenChild, Carly, Freeeee, Kara of Brand New Day, I miss  Pam, and on and on and on......sigh.

I missed the celebration too. Dang, I bet it was fun


luvmort said...

I hope so, too!

viviansullinwank said...


I remember this wonderful graphic that you made for the anniversary last year I believe it was!  It's good to see it here again.  It has been an interesting year. I was devastated at what happened in the community as a result of the ads.  I miss the people who have packed and left. I tried to blog in one of the new neighborhoods, but it didn't work for me. I never deleted any of my journals or cancelled my AOL. I just took a hiatus and threw myself into romance and decorating for a while  :)

I really enjoyed working on the 3rd anniversary this year and I'm trying to dust off all of the cobwebs on my journal and hang out in there again.   I'm glad you visited and I'm glad to be visiting YOU!


coy1234787 said...

    I know .. I miss them too, as well as ...  GiGi, Paul, Albert, Reality Check Michael, Judy, Krobbie, Sistercdr, Theresa, Baby Shark, Vince, Sublime Jamey, Steven, and on and on .... I doubt there will ever be such a large group of writers of that caliber here again.
   Still grateful for my few old neighbors that did decide to stay, like you. And for the many that have stayed but have chosen to go private because of the ads. It's sort of like the J Land underground lol.

                                  *** Coy ***