Sunday, February 10, 2008

For sale: baby shoes, never worn ...

 above is Ernest Hemmingways six word story.

     Not quite what I was expecting, a collection of six-word memoirs. Smith Magazine asked it's
online readers to write the story of their life in a six word sentence and ended up with this delightful book.
     If I were asked to write the story of my life in just six words, I would either write:
     "I shouldn't have married a Coonass."
      "I'm still dancing in the rain."
     Believe me when I say, the first story started 26 years ago and is closely related to the second one.
    What would your six word story be?


gaboatman said...

Interesting concept, Coy!  Mine might be:  Still learning daily; loving every minute!

chaispice1023 said...

omigolly.  i would say mine would be...God has a sense of humor.

rollinghillsides said...

Seeing the thing I dislike most about myself is the fact that I usually just daydream about doing the task, seldom actually 'get to it'  ..... my six words would have to be:     "I'm old; procrastination robbed my accomplishments"!   Yep, that's it!

astaryth said...

How about-- Waiting for other shoe to drop.

ryanagi said...

Raising two boys; on a sofa.  Heh. That about sums it up.  Couch potato parenting at it's best.  ;-)

sunnyside46 said...

still looking, still learning, still loving

txsguinan said...

I told you I was sick!

freeepeace said...

ROFL at gigi's comment!!  Figures.

mine?  always on the journey to peace

mutualaide said...

 I don't know if I can shorten my story enough, but let me try it:

Insanity.  My life.  Not my defense.


Two girls too perfect for words.

tlzemo said...

I happened across this blog after plugging in the words a friend recent spoke to me,
"It's about how we dance in the rain."
I am an artist of sorts.  First, a visual artist--a published children's book illustrator; secondly, "photographer";  thirdly, a designer of all things creative(!) and lastly, while I don't consider myself a is a passion to write.  To contemplate.   The power of the written word.  The release from that form of expression is like none other.
So...when the words,
"What would your six-word story be?" crossed my computer allowed for a moment of serious thought.
Hmm....WHAT would be my six-word story?

THAT is going to take some thought.
I have recently found myself amidst a life-altering situation.  Lost people I considered friends.  Lost my job.  And have come close to losing my mind!!!
YET...I still TRY to find the postitives in an otherwise unfortunate situation.
Thus...the "dance in the rain"

As I do not know how to blog, I do not want to ramble on forever.  I will contemplate that 6-word thing, and return at a later date.
Thank you for giving me an interesting perspective.

autumnrain1268 said...

This is a very good journal. Save this journal before aol changes the planned journal features in October 2008. Peace and Hugs, Autumn

Sandisan said...

It has to be.."My life, always a great surprise"..Even in my sixties now life still rocks my world now and then..everything is fluid, moving - guess thats good at least I won't turn into a stagnant pool of