Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dancing in the rain at blogger

Well ... one click and all of my Rain entries were moved from AOL to Blogger. Not as sad for me as it would have been a couple of years ago, there was a time when my journal and all of my friends at AOL were really important to me. When AOL added the advertisements to journals and everyone scatttered in different directions that importance just wasn't the same.
I have not been journaling much lately (do I have to call it blogging here at blogger?) but who knows, a new location might just kick start some of the old creative juices. I tried moving to blogger when everyone else did and the task seemed much to labor involved, today it was simple, I just clicked on the link AOL provided in an e mail and here I am.
One thing did make me a little sad ... Rain has always been photo journal, without the photo there was no entry and today when I moved to Blogger I realized that the only photos that are still available on the entries I have posted over the years are the recent ones I posted when AOL made it easier to upload. Prior to that I was using Photo Site, they have closed down and I did not move my photos. I wonder if it's to late to do that now?
It looks like the features here at blogger are going to be easy to use, I'll have to come back here soon to figure out how to post photos and maybe I'll feel like journaling again.
*** Coy ***


MariesImages said...

You will like it here, trust me~
Miss your posts~

Astaryth said...

Welcome to the Darkside! I've actually liked my Blogger blog better every since I started to Mirror over here, and now everyone is coming along to the party Woo Hoo!

Seriously, this is a nice Blogging platform. My only complaint now that AOL has given me the push to move completely off of their platform is getting everything out of my FTP space and replacing images in my Blog that will be lost when AOL closes down. Eh... most people don't go back in the archives anyway. Since I've got all the stuff downloaded I will take my time getting stuff fixed.

Welcome! And be sure and stop by and visit me at

Martha said...

Welcome to the new neighborhood!:-)

BosieLadie said...

Welcome! I moved over when the unwanted banners appeared on AOL's Jland... I know you'll find this a wonderful place to air your thoughts!

Judith HeartSong said...

Dear Coy,

Hello and welcome. I can tell you that I love Blogger, and I keep all my photos at Flickr with a pro account... so they are always there safe and sound.

Welcome to the bigger pond, the water is fine. I hope that you get inspired too!!!

A warm hug,

Judith HeartSong:)

Celeste said...