Monday, July 6, 2009

100 things # 36 The 4th of July weekend is my birthday weekend.

Imagine a "Birthday Bash" each year, complete with parades, marching bands, spectacular firework displays, live entertainment all across town, neighborhood block parties, family vacations and "bonus" everyone gets time off work to celebrate with you!!! Pretty good, right?

My birthday is on July 6th but I have always celebrated it on July 4th for obvious reasons, this year was no exception. I ended up with both Friday and Saturday off (a two day weekend seldom happens for me) David and I took a mini vacation right in our own back yard.

Hillsboro Beach is the beach that I grew up on and is just a few miles from my house. David and I got a room there on Friday at the Seaboney Resort on the beach, this is very close to the pier where some of the best fireworks in town are displayed every year.
We opted for late check out on Saturday so we didn't have to pack up until 6:00 pm, I had to be back to work first thing Sunday morning or we would have stayed another night.
The weather was perfect, the water was warm, we soaked up the sun while floating on net rafts in the smooth as glass ocean (very rare on our beach).
We chit chatted about everything immaginable and only enterupted our sun worshiping when we needed something cold to drink or it was time to eat.
We had dinner at the Whales Rib on Friday night, I've been going to the Whales Rib for beach food since I was a kid. We had birthday cake at the Cheesecake Facrtory when we were strolling along Los Olas later that night.

The best part of the weekend happened after we checked out of the hotel at 6pm on Saturday and went back down to the beach to wait for the fireworked to begin. I've been taking not so great fireworks photos for years now, as you can see this years photos were also not so great but something makes me keep on trying. Hope everyone enjoyed your 4th of July weekend as much as I did mine.


Mortimer said...

Oh, it's wonderful to be reading my Coy again! Miss you!

Kirsty said...

My birthday is just before Christmas... so I also get that holiday vibe around my big day!

DB said...

Coy, with all that celebrating going on for your birthday you must be very popular. It's an honor to know you.