Thursday, July 9, 2009

100 things #39 I've got sharks, coconuts and joy on my mind today ...

Yesterday, I was reading an entry in Vagabond Journeys titled, Quanitity Quest and was delighted by the closing expression and goodwill gesture" May joy fall on your head" I returned the gesture in his comment threads by saying " May joy fall on your head as well my friend" that thought followed me around all day and I couldn't help thinking that maybe I should have added " but not with the same velocity as a falling coconut".

I've had more than one conversation this week about falling coconuts, both were brought on by shark talk. A few weeks ago I saw a spinner shark leap from the ocean just a few feet from the shore, and then there was last weekends manatee encounter and the lady afraid to use the "S" word ... Some how the thoughts of these things has encouraged people to quote " More people are killed each year from falling coconuts than by shark bite"

Doubting wheather or not this was true, I went home and googled it. Click image below to see what I found -->

by the way, I borrowed the graphic above from the Straight Dope site I've linked to. Any thoughts of your own about sharks, coconuts or joy?


Mortimer said...

And hippos kill more people in Africa than most other animals...combined! So don't go near an angry hippo, either! LOL!

DB said...

BTW ...I also enjoyed your "may joy fall on your head" goodwill gesture from your last entry, it's been rolling around in my head all day. It made me smile more than once.

Thank you Coy.


Judith HeartSong said...

Not long ago we saw a baby shark along the eastern shore in Delaware... the sighting brought us great joy, but there was nary a coconut in sight. I have almond joy bars in my studio however.... how is that for a tie in????

Rhapsody B. said...


Thoughts on Sharks and coconuts? They both taste good.

Have a great weekend

Yoseph Yackson said...

i love you