Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Celebrating Maelei's 3rd Birthday ...

And My new Morning Routine.

My oldest Granddaughter turns 3 today ... her Mommy took off work so the two of them can go out and play ... play ... play! The baby will go to daycare and Grandma (still can’t believe that's me) will be going out to finish up some shopping for her actual Birthday Party on Sunday. I painted the gift box top right, inside is the cutest Rapunzel (she and I love Rapunzel) shirt and little leggins that she will wear today with her brand new twinkle toe sketchers that her Aunt Reecie bought. I'm kind of ready for her to wake up!
The photo on the left is my new morning routine (at least on workdays) unless I can decide on something equally nutritious this will be my go to on workday mornings. I would like to do the same for lunches ... find something nutritious, beautiful and easy to feed the body and nourish the soul at lunchtime on work days.

I must say … I've never enjoyed a bowl of oats more than I am enjoying this one right now ... I think I will go thrift store hopping to look for the most beautiful bowl I can find to eat my morning oats and raisins from. Will also go shopping for berries and such so I can mix it up a bit but really the raisins are perfect.
Hope some of you may decide to play along as we begin what I would like to call " Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food game" or maybe we could call it "beautiful nourishment that comes from the earth or has a mother" ... any other ideas?

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