Sunday, September 30, 2012

Procrastination ...

I finally finished working on my name page... As you can imagine with a name like Coy I have been asked a million times “Is that spelled Koi?” The answer is No, I was named after my Grandmother Coy Golden Slaton not a fish, my name is Coy Lynn Slaton with a name like Coy you don't have much need for nick names this one is as easy and unique as it gets. (I was in my 40's before I ever met another Coy) to date I have met two. I like the Golden Carp that is now in my art journal.
Lady Chaos on the bottom left is an unfinished paint over I was having trouble relating to her actually ... for the most part I am a pretty organized person, at work I get paid for my organizational skills, no choice. At home I prioritize according to my own personal priorities something like this:

* The kitchen is a common area and has to be kept clean, everyone is responsible because we all hate cleaning built up messy dishes and we like a clean slate when it is time to cook. The refrigerator on the other hand could use a good cleaning and scrubbing but ... I would rather be painting, editing photos, reading etc.

* A clean bathroom is a priority for me, I take a bath every day and only settle for a quick shower when I don't leave myself enough time for a bath. I get up at 5:40 am and don't leave the house until 7:00am I like to have time to get things done and take a nice hot bath before work. I do share my bathroom with my daughter and granddaughter right now, the ABC's, the princesses and the singing bubble maker thing don't bother me much as long as they are not all over the floor.

* I would rather paint, read, write process photos etc than do certain things like washing my car, scrubbing the grout, weeding the flower beds, organizing my media room which happens to be where I sleep.

* I pay my bills on time, I don't like doing it so I have all of them on auto pay I never write a check or see my bank ... life is good.

* I answer over 100 emails a day at work, not so much at home. I depend on text messages from those who are important, I limit the amount of personal information I consider important.

* The junk mail pile tends to build up at my house until I have time to process and shred, again I have discontinued much of the paper priorities that once bogged me down. I take care of things on line so most of my mail is junk mail, I sort the priority stuff as it comes in the important mail almost never sees the junk mail pile.

* The bowl of vitamins above .... to much ... just to much! I fill the bowl and take them throughout the day, if it takes two or more days for me to finish them, so be it .... it's better than taking none at all, right?

* Instead of Lady Chaos I was thinking of my procrastination more this week as a separate part of me, so I started painting two parts of me, light and dark (image in the middle on the bottom it's not complete, I just laid down first coat of color). I think creative people have to procrastinate at times otherwise you would never find yourself in the zone ... you know the one ... the one where you must have tunnel vision to complete your task and whatever you are working on becomes all consuming. I doubt Mozart, Picasso, Monet, Hemmingway or Matisse were meticulous house keepers. Seriously ... how can one create their great work at the same time they are tending to all of the details of their lives? Something has to be put on the back burner, trick is I think to know what your priorities are and even when they are on the back burner ... stir them frequently.
* The photo middle top is of the sewing machine I bought 4 years ago, I have never even opened the box. I want to ... oh how I want to learn to sew and Suzie is making me think about it all over again. The photo top right is the stuff I took off of the desk above the sewing machine before I took the photo because I wouldn't have wanted any of you seeing how cluttered it was. In retrospect, I wish I would have taken a photo before and after I cleared the desk off, It only took 8 minutes. This got me to thinking of a challenge ... what if we or just I take time this week to photograph the areas that need attention in our lives. For me, it's the dusty car that needs a bath and a vacuum, the cabinet under the bathroom sink, the summer clutter in my car trunk that needs to be put away and the media room ... oh the media room. Maybe taking photos and preparing them for posting would be motivation enough to stir some of these things that have been on the back burner a little too long.

The image bottom right is of my grandaughter ... we are taking more time to smell the roses and watch these little girls grow these days. Thats priority right now.

Happy Sunday

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