Tuesday, March 15, 2005

In squalor, hope!


Born into Brothels  <--- click              Kids with cameras Calcutta <--- click

     I read an article yesterday in the lunchroom at work about a newly released documentary that is seeking to record and change life for some kids in India.The film is called "Born into Brothels" and it is now at the top of my want to see list.

     The story is about a New York photojournalist named Zana Briski and her journey into Calcutta's red light district where she is assigned to photograph the prostitutes that live there.

     Moving into the brothels to get closer to the women, she finds herself surrounded by the children of these sex workers. It does not take long to notice that the children are fascinated by her camera and Zana in return becomes fascinated by the children. The documentary records her efforts to make a difference in their lives. Can't wait to see it!

                                 *** Coy ***

                   Have any of you watched it yet?


nhd106 said...

Friends of ours saw it...one of them completely loved it...the other slept.   It did get a good review though!

sanforized6 said...

Haven't seen it, BUT, will be on the lookout for it. Just thinking about it is quite depressing. rich

barbpinion said...

It's on my "to see "list. Great photos. The children are precious, aren't they?
*Barb* http://journals.aol.com/barbpinion/HEYLETSTALK

sylviam4000 said...

This sounds fascinating. Those kids look so happy, but think they are facing a tough future. I feel for them.

suzypwr said...

Have not seen it. But those kids look almost old enough to be put to "work." So sad.

boiseladie said...

Sounds very interesting and is now on my list of "want to see"...

mykesmom75 said...

No but I watched a special about guys bringing girls over the border to be prostitutes, to the cities.....it was so sad, the girls thought they were coming here for a better life, but ended up with madams amd pimps telling them what to do .....Too sad.

cneinhorn said...

I'm gonna check out the links Coy, thanks for telling us about this...have a nice weekend!  happy friday :-)


geminiwilder said...

i hadn't heard of this. sad, really.

reminds me of Ashley Judd's AOL-J about her experiences in Africa, counseling sex workers there, trying to teach them how to be safe.  the children are the innocent sufferers in so many places and in so many ways.  :(    phinney

marigolds2 said...

i haven't seen it, and it will probably never come anywhere near where i currently live.  but when it's available on dvd i will see it ASAP.  i've wanted to see it since i first read about it.  
i've been reading through your entries, to get to know you - and want to thank you for your visits and comments on my journal.  i'll be back!  -mary ellen