Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Pacific Northwest Ballet ...


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     The convention <-- is not until the end of May ... you weren't thinking that you've heard the last about Shakespeare's most romantic comedy here, were you?

     I assure you that this growing obsession is only temporary, but for now expect to find traces of this reoccurring theme here at Dancing In The Rain, because this is my journal and ... this story is on my mind. 

     In a previous entry, Albert <-- added this comment:

     Hey Coy, I don't know if you'd be into this or not, but George Balanchine choreographed Midsummers Night Dream as a ballet, and it's a truly magical production-- it's available on Amazon if you feel like forking out the bucks.  I saw it live in NY and was blown away. lots of sprites and fairies, and an awesome Puck.

good luck!  --Albert

     I ordered a copy of the ballet on DVD and I watched it last night ... It truly was magical. You can click on the link under the photo above to take a look at the program notes, where you will find details about the ballet in the making.

    Who would have thought that this entire story could have been portrayed entirely through mime and dance? The costuming was of particular interest ... I've been asking for visuals and it does not get much better than this.

     A Mid Summer Night's Dream has been in this dance company's repertory since 1985 and I would love to see it live someday but for now I will watch it over and over on DVD. Thanks Alb ... I am grateful to have so many artsy friends here in J-Land and for the perfect recommendation!

                              *** Coy ***

             Has anyone else watched this Ballet?


luvmort said...

I prefer opera to ballet. Sorry, dahling.

lamove04 said...

I am so glad you liked the ballet, Coy!  Actually, the production I saw many years ago had Balanchine's original costumes, but the costume designer on your video is newer.  He works with SF Ballet a lot, he designed our new Nutcracker and a new full-length last year and is very talented-- so I'm sure the costumes are beautiful.
xxoo, Albert  

judypearllove said...

my daughter is studying to be a professional ballet dancer. She works very hard to do this. It takes a lot of enter strength to do this. My daughter is fixing to fly out on her birthday this friday to take her exam to pass into a more advanced dance class of ballet. I don't know if she has seen midsummer night's dream yet. She's at dance class now as it's also national dance week so every waking moment for her is dancing right now. She is also a full time student at anther college majoring in financial business which is out on spring break thank goodness sence so much of dance is going on right now. If she hasn't seen Midsummer Night's Dream then I'm going let this dvd be one of her birthday presents. I think she will love that from your review. Thank You

sunnyside46 said...

as the uncoordinated but supportive mom of two dancers, what a great gift idea!

suzypwr said...

I didn't see it, but with an awesome Puck how could it not be wonderful?

shewolfdancing said...

Seen It, Read the story too...   Beautiful story and yes... the production, when done right... is magical... when done by 9th graders... is well .... not so magical... but still a good story over all...~!

Thanks for the FANTASTIC BIRTHDAY WISHES COY.~~   Sorry i have not been journal hoping as much as I should be....   and today, is a busy day, but i wanted to be sure I came over here and said HELLO!

Have a lovely weekend!!

acyrlicstains said...

Niiiiice! I have seen the Nutcracker a bazillion times and the riverdances in Branson Missouri but not this one.  It looks like a wonderful show! ~  

rivercitygirl1 said...

I love the ballet.  Swan Lake is my favourite.  I would love to see this one though.

ryanagi said...

Ah yes. This is a great one!

indigosunmoon said...

Haven't seen this one.  I'll have to rent it
if that's possible!

cste609371 said...


judithheartsong said...

sounds wonderful. judi