Tuesday, June 6, 2006

You thought I was kidding about ...

                                           kitchen cabinet art.

    If you can call it art when it's created by one of us ordinary non art school geeks that are just in it for the journey. I'm posting this because of an entry I read written by an old friend who is now at blogspot.

     I actually had the luxury of having a few minutes to myself over the weekend and made time to post an entry and to do a little blog jogging. I stopped by to see what was going on with GiGi at Lotus Martinis and this is what I found there. Please click here --> It's good to be bad.

    This is an entry about art and peoples fear of being judged. There she links Robbie's journal, who links to an entry written by Danny Gregory. There he tells us to relax and not judge our work so hard. He says others are judging us much less than we think they are, mainly because they are so busy and preoccupied with judging themselves.

    If you already read the Lotus Martines journal then you know that GiGi is one of the most talented artists and writers here in our little community that used to be called J-Land (and she's funny too). If you are not a reader the by all means, go HERE now to see what you've been missing. 

    We are still a community you know, even though we are all spread out and most of us are posting much less than before. It's quite comforting to know that there are so many ofyou still out there finding the time, the energy and the inspiration to do what we do the way we do it.

     Thanks GiGi and Robbie for sharing your art with us and for not being afraid that people might think your work sucks. You both are among the most artsy gals I know.

     Just so you know, the water color above does not claim to be any good nor does it ask to be judged. It is just a personal reminder of a recent moment in time when a close friend helped me learn the 20 page script for my new job in yes "Kitchen Cabinet Refacing." That is soooo what his kitchen looks like, well sort of. Thanks for that by the way DV.




krobbie67 said...

It's ALL about the journey. Great reminder! :-) ---Robbie

luvmort said...

It's all good, dahling. It's all good!

cneinhorn said...

very cool!  i refaced my cabinates myself....just boring paint though...no art like this.  would love to see some before and after pix, you got any?

deabvt said...


txsguinan said...

Oh, no!  I know I'm not supposed to be judging...but I can't help it ~ I love it!  It is such a happy piece.  The meditation on the moment; that's what it's about.

Thank you for saying such sweet things about my j ~ and right back at ya!  We are a community, and it doesn't matter how or where we post as long as we stay connected.  :)