Saturday, June 3, 2006

This little piece ...

     of GLINKA is no longer for sale, because I bought it and have no intentions of letting go of it any time soon. Don't worry though, there is still plenty of GLINKA left on the market. Go HERE <-click to see for your self and to get your own! 


     BTW ... have you ever noticed the window in the throat of the butterfly on my signature? That was another GLINKA creation sent to me by Albert last year and another reason that I wanted to own this piece.

     I know it's been nearly a month since I've posted. Still very busy with my new job. Rain has always been an artistic outlet for me and I have been feeling anything but artsy these days.

      Nearly all of the photos I've taken lately are of kitchen cabinets both in training and in the actual homes that I've been visiting. Even the few times when I've set aside time to try to sketch or paint something, kitchen cabinets seem to keep getting in the way. Hoping this is only temporary.



cneinhorn said...

very nice...and great to read an update.  i will check out the link from albert.  

ann7inflorida said...

I notice that it's Albert. I notice all of his abundant talent and intricacies. I notice two dear friends making a connection and sharing that connection with others. I notice that I miss him .... and you ... and the old community. Off to check out more of his work.

onestrangecat said...

Glad to know you're still around.
Albert does have a different way of looking at things.  Love that drawing.


suzypwr said...

This is a new idea. Kitchen cabinets as art!


indigosunmoon said...

I so agree with Ann.  I miss Albert.  It just
isn't the same here without him.  I do read
his other blog, but you know...just not the
Love ya,

lamove04 said...

:-)  :-)  :-)  :-)  :-)
Thanks for this, Coy, and so glad that you see so much in the drawing!  Funny, even I had not noticed the "He-She-ness" in the drawing until you pointed it out, LOL...  thanks so much for your support, the note you included with your check is on my fridge as inspiration to me.  xxoo, Albert

jeanno43 said...

Glad the the new job is going well and that you are back posting.

luvmort said...

Great to read you again!

Albert still journals?