Friday, June 9, 2006

An unexpected day off ...

    Got an E-mail last night that said some of us would have a day off today, this never happens. So, I made a list of some of the things I could do with an entire day to myself, like ...

     Wash and vacuum my car and then take it in to be serviced.

    Go to the beach (Delray or Lauderdale by the Sea) enjoy the sun, sand and surf then shop for the perfect birthday present for my sister. Her birthday is June 14th. (BTW ... I love shopping in my beach clothes and flip flops.)

     Curl up in bed all day with tons of my favorite books, paint a new watercolor, practice my guitar, catch up on journals and maybe even post a new entry and take a nap in the middle of the afternoon.

     Go to the gym, it really only takes walking back through that door one time to get a whole new rhythm started of going every day again.

     Go to Butterfly World, take lot's of beautiful photos of flowers and butterflies.

     Drive through Lion Country Safari and take photos of really cute animals, picnic in their park, stretch out on a blanket on the grass with a good book.

     Spend the afternoon at City Place in West Palm Beach and have lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. Mmmm ... grilled artichokes.

     Go to Barnes & Noble, pile up dozens of books all around me. Read some of them, flip through others, write down inspiring thoughts and pick the perfect one to take home with me.

     Visit an art museum. Maybe the museum of Cartoon Art, I've never been there before.

     Visit my friend Ellen at the Youth Activity Center and surround myself with active and energetic little kids that might want to go on a photoshoot. I love seeing the world through their eyes.

     Go to the Sea Gardens and hang out in their beautiful gardens by the pool, catch up on some reading and take a walk on the beach.

     I figured I would call my friend Marylou to see if any of these things were of interest to her and thought maybe she would be able to think of something even better that's not on my list, that we could do today.

     Marylou is the only real spur of the moment friend I have right now, everyone else I know works as much as I do so I need to make an appointment with most of them to even hang out for an hour or two.

     Remember back to a time when things were so much less complicated? This reminds me of an old Carly Simon Song ...

                                         BTW ... I got another E mail this morning letting me know I was not one of the ones that would have the day off today. It's all good, I need the $$$ anyway!


"Carly Simon It Was So Easy lyrics"

(carly simon/jacob brackman)

I remember a time, rompin’ through the woods
Sun against our skin instead of clothes
When we felt hungry we would eat, when we felt glad we would dance
And whenever we felt drowsy we would doze

It was so easy then never takin’ any stands
It was so easy then, holdin’ hands

I remember a time when our fears could be named
And courage meant not refusing dares
I remember when we took such cares to step never on the cracks,
No only on the squares
Or else we’d be abducted by the bears

It was so easy then never makin’ any plans
It was so easy then, holdin’ hands
It was so easy then never makin’ any plans
It was so easy then, holdin’ hands

And now we are grown, with debts and regrets
And broken hearts and sentimental schemes
Now every tender failure seems to overthrow old dreams
Love can lead a normal woman to extremes

It was so easy once, holdin’ hands without a plan
It was so easy once holdin’ hands
Just holdin’ hands


     What would you do with an unexpected day off all to your self?



krobbie67 said...

Hey-hey! I'm reading you then I'm getting my car serviced. From there I'm winging it. Sorry you didn't get the day. I know what you mean about spur of the moment friends.

suzypwr said...

When I was working, mostly all I wanted to do was sleep! But - generally I spent the day with my daughter, seeing movies, going to the zoo, shopping, having lunch out, stuff like that. Now, a day off means I am not trashing my shoulder more working on the house, so I rest with ice packs. Life sure does change, doesn't it?

Sorry you didn't get the time off, but the planning surely did your own self some good :)


nolefan38 said...

I really enjoy your post -- glad you are back!   Sherry

ally123130585918 said...

Sorry you didn't get the day off ~ and you had planned so many things to do lol ~ Ally

cneinhorn said...

unexpected days off are the best and I LOVE your list....would have fun doing any of those things on it too, well except for having the car serviced maybe!  I remember your photos from Butterfly world...definately a place I'd love to see one day in person... and this quote from you

" Go to the gym, it really only takes walking back through that door one time to get a whole new rhythm started of going every day again. "

So true all starts with little steps.  literally.  would have never thought last year I'd go from an occasional walk to running again....when you're ready to make the changes, things seem to fall into place and the new rhythm takes shape...

ryanagi said...

Well...humph! All those plans sounded swell to me!

onestrangecat said...

If you tried to do that list on a day off you would be exhausted!  LOL


indigosunmoon said...

Wow!  An unexpected day off!  What
a treat!

ann7inflorida said...

Those days are the best!!! I never make plans I just get showered, grab the kids and go! :)

ann7inflorida said...

PS- Sorry you didn't get the day off. That blows. :(

luvmort said...


bookncoffee said...

Hi Coy...stopping by to say Hi and laughing at your supposed day off.  Doesn't that figure?  LOL.

jeanno43 said...

And you would do all that in ONE day lol.  All sound good to me

chaispice1023 said...

well..i'm sorry you didn't get the day off...but i like the itinerary you had planned out!  b&n for an afternoon?  paradise :-)