Saturday, July 1, 2006

The closest thing ...

   to an entry I've posted in weeks, is a comment I left in La Chunk's journal today. Some of you already know Chunk, he's Mort's room mate and writer of ... "Chunkie's Atlantic City Journal" (photo below) 

       I took this photo in December when he and Mort were here for a visit. But ... my favorite La Chunk photo can be found at the end of THIS ENTRY<-- click

     I was catching up HERE <-click on the drama surrounding his Mother's hip surgery and it reminded me a bit of what it's been like around here after my Mom's surgery on her arm.

     I'm posting the comment I left in his journal in lieu of writing a real entry. Here goes ...

        In April my Mom fell in the parking lot at work and ended up having to have shoulder surgery (they gave her a pin). She's progressing pretty well but ... there were some pretty trying times along the way. No evil twin or anything but let's just say she was verrrrrry high maintenance for a while. Thank God for my step father.
     He took most of the responsibility when she needed help with everything including bathing and getting dressed, he even cut the seams down the sides of several of her blouses and hand sewed in velcro, so she could get dressed for hair appointments and Dr visits with her arm still in a sling. That's gotta be true love. Trust me ... the old girl had no intention of wearing a muu muu, not even in her condition.
     I remember over hearing one hysterical conversation when he was helping her get dressed and she said ... Dad, why are they both pointing in different directions? Guess helping with the bra was one of the more challenging issues.
    Anyway, she's back to work full time and right on track as far as recovery goes. Hoping everything goes equally as wellfor your Mom.
    BTW ... if your travels bring you back to South Florida let me know!

     Oh and ... Brittney if you are reading this, do not tell your Grandmother that I told her bra story ;-)



suzypwr said...

Good to see an entry from you, and I hope your mom heals right up - and Chunk's mom too, even though I don't know him.

I hear shoulder surgery is very painful and a slow recovery for most, so I am doing all I can to avoid it!


jeanno43 said...

Glad to see you writing. Hope your Mum will be fine

rivercitygirl1 said...

Welcome back Coy.  I've been missing in action for a while myself.

txsguinan said...

High maintenance Moms ~ I hear ya!  This is when they get their revenge for everything we put them through.  ;D  I'm so glad yours is doing better.

onestrangecat said...

love the bra story!
hope you are doing ok.


luvmort said...

I saw your comment and I was SOOO BLOODY JEALOUS! I couldn't believe that you left such a long comment in HIS journal and not mine. It's ok. I see. I know. What! Ever!