Monday, July 24, 2006

Yesterday ...

       on my Loxahatchee walk, I met two local girls on a rescue mission and they asked me to take part in it.


     Noticing that I had a camera, they stopped and asked if I wanted to take a photo of their turtle. It seems that a new housing development is going up near where they live and to make room for the new construction, some wildlife habitat is being destroyed.



      They said that they rescued this turtle and wanted to release it in a place where it was sure to have a better life, I think they chose the perfect place.


         Good job Susan and Marissa. BTW ... I did take their E - Mail address and will send the link for them to stop here to see the photos and to read your comments.  


     The rest of the photos are other things that caught my eye along the way. I am so loving these walks, to me this is as much a part of what Florida is about as the sun, sand, and surf.


     Have a good week ahead.




nhd106 said...

Those two young women are awesome!   It gives me hope for this nutty world.

Nice shots as usual, Ms. Coy...


oceanmrc said...

What wonderful young ladies!  This world needs them.

sunflowerkat321 said...

They are a couple of heroes.  The natural world needs more of them.

Thanks ladies!!

And thanks for the beautiful photos, Coy!

ally123130585918 said...

Coy how lovely of those two young ladies to rescue the wildlife and take it to a safe haven ~ we certainly could do with a lot more like them ~ and your pictures are great as usual ~ Ally

onestrangecat said...

how great of those ladies to help that poor turtle!!!!!  Looks like he is a big one too!  Thank you ladies!!!!!!
Love the pictures.  You live in a beautitul spot!!!!


luvmort said...

You ain't foolin' me! You go to the National Geographic site and steal their pics! I got your number!

Great job, girls! Score one for the turtles!

hestiahomeschool said...

What good kids those were.....I am proud of them!

suzypwr said...

Rescuing an animal is always a good thing, as long as it's not injured and won't hurt the rescuer! Nice job, kids!

Great pics, Coy, as always!


mkolasa101 said...

I love your photographs and the layout of your journal Coy.  Loxahatchee, do you live here in Florida too.