Saturday, July 1, 2006

This is not a kitchen cabinet ...

     It's been months since I've taken time to think of anything besides work, that's why there have been so few entries here in Rain.


     I have not been taking much time to delight in the simple things around me. This entry is a baby step in that direction.

     The photo above is of one of the bouquets of flowers my sister placed around the house before leaving on vacation last week.

     I stayed with the fish and the dogs while she was away and as busy as I was, it was impossible not to take at least a few photos of the beautiful flowers she left scattered around.



bookncoffee said...

Hi Coy....stopping in to check on you.  I see from my birthday calendar that we all signed up on a year or so ago....that you have a birthday coming up????  If that is correct information...then I hope you have a good one.  
Hope work is going well and that you can get a break and have some "Coy" time. I'm sure it's HOT down there.  Lots of news coming from your state much going on.  They should move CNN headquarters down there.  LOL.
Take Care.

nhd106 said...

Hey Coy!
Go for it...keep the journal up.  Good to see you again!! did  you black out the background of those great flowers???  Do tell!


ally123130585918 said...

Love pictures of flowers ~ this one is lovely ~ Ally

suzypwr said...

That is beautiful!


gotomaria said...

What a neat sister to put flowers around the house...These dahlias look wonderful....I think they are dahlias..:)

luvmort said...


chaispice1023 said...

this is exquisite!!!! do you take all the photos yourself?