Friday, March 20, 2009

100 things # 28 I worked with my sister for 5 or 6 years ...

when she was just starting her Party Decorating business. 15 years later she is still at it while me and people like me continue to slave away in the corporate world.

Today we trotted off in the pouring rain, across the campus of our local community college for a meeting at the small business development center and a much needed reality check.

Like so many successful small business, they are being challenged right now with having to make adjustments that will allow them to survive this economic storm. The meeting was successful, a black and white evaluation of what’s coming in and what’s going out and a new game plan is starting to evolve.

Decisions will be made on how to begin the transition of creating a new model for the business that will allow it to remain successful and will continue to give it’s 10+ full time and several part time employs/artists a job.

I love my sister and I am so proud of how hard she has worked to get where she is, this is one girl that is truly living her creative dream. It’s no secret that crunching numbers is so not part of what she does best … thank God for my brother in law Chris, without him she simply would not be able to do this.With an estimated half million in revenue anticipated this year, they have no choice but to fight the fight.

The photo above is actually her front door, I'll have to take you on virtural tour one of these days. Much fun and glittery things are found there.

I don’t tell my sister often enough just how much I love her and admire how hard she and Chris have worked to get where they are. My niece Brittney has recently graduated college and has become partner in the business, together I’m sure they can do what it takes. I love you guys.


Kirsty said...

I was full of trepidation when my sister decided to come to the same university as me, AND move into the same dorm. But sometimes it takes being thrown together like that to get as close as we've become! Glad to hear the same worked out for you :)

Rebecca Anne said...

Thats wonderful the two of you had that experience in this lifetime. Kudos to her for sticking with her business and taking it to where she has. I hope during these economic times she can weather the storm and keep things afloat.
I hope you're having a beautiful weekend.

DB said...

Good for your sister. That's quite a success story. I also admire people who stick to it and make it work. Tell her. DB