Friday, August 7, 2009

100 things #42 I finally joined facebook

For years I blogged (even though we called it journaling) in a happy place that the locals called J-Land. It was an artsy little community filled with writers and poets, painters, photographers, performers and other creative storytellers from far and wide. I'm sure it was originally intended as just a social network like myspace, blogger, facebook or twitter but the residents created something more there. Something much, much more.

One day much to our surprise we were told that our community was being closed down, just like that ... we no longer had a place to hang our hats. Luckily we were moved with our historys somewhat intact but the new neighborhood is not so much fun ...

Last night I was at the Improv in City Place with my sister, Chris, Brittney, Eddy and David and a conversation about facebook started at the table ... everyone had one but me. First thing this morning, I opened one of my own ... might end up being fun. The photo above is the one I'm using on facebook, the photo below of me with David is where it came from. Always the one behind the camera, there are very few photos of me to choose from.


Ann said...

I'm sending you a friend request! :D

Yup, I miss J-Land, too. Ever talk to SlowMo?

Coy said...

No Annie Girl, besides the Golden Child, there is no one I'd rather talk to from J-Land than SloMo, it's like they just fell off the face of the earth.
*** Coy ***