Monday, August 31, 2009

100 things #48 I truly believe that either you are a photographer ... or you're not.

With so much digital technology out there today, those of us with little formal training in the art of photography are given opportunity to take photos worthy of recognition ... but having the technology does not give you the passion.

Opportunity occurs by way of a driving force that causes some of us to become fully addicted to the creative process of capturing images of how we see the world. If you are affected by this force you know it , and so do others around you. Not everyone understands this desire, that’s why communities like the one I've recently found at Red Bubble are so important. A sence of community gives us opportunity to connect with others that share the same passion, I've missed that connection since AOL shut down our journals.

I’ve only been at Red Bubble for a little more than two weeks and I am already starting to feel at home. Each of us is on our own journey, we all witness and see things in our own way and I look forward to sharing some of those experiences again.
Blogger has fallen short for me, the neighborhood holds little charm. Finding the motivation to keep writing here has felt like such a thankless task.

Annie Girl was able to help inspire me to at least start bare bones journaling again with a 100 things about me. Months later I'm just at 48 and I think I'll leave it at that. If I do continue writing here I doubt it will be the 100 things about me series.

I’ve already met some new artists at red bubble, and look forward to learning from those there that have more experience than I do, I also look forward to offer a little inspiration to others in return.

Right now because I'm so new, I’ve been busy posting photos of where I’ve been, so I can get a better idea of where I’m going. One thing I do know is some additional equipment is so on my agenda.


Astaryth said...

hmmmm... Am I going to have to join this Red Bubble thing to keep track of you? You better let me know if this is so. LOL! I would miss you if I lost track of you. I love your photos and keep saying I want to go and visit your area and take some pics of my own!

Coy said...

Just let me know when you'll be here ... we will take photos together and see how differently our images turn out. And yes ... ed Bubble is a good idea.

gigi said...

It's true that there's not much of a community spirit on Blogger, but then that's not really why I'm here. I just wanted a place to post a pic or two and shoot my mouth off once in a while, so Blogger's laissez-faire, who-the-hell-cares-anyway attitude suits me just fine.

But I would miss your thoughtfully cheerful posts and bright, creative images if you stopped publishing here! I followed your link and there is indeed some truly amazing stuff on this Red Bubble thingie. You'll have to post a link to your pages so we can still follow you. Because some of us are not letting you go so easily. I'll be a community of one! :D

Barbara said...

Coy, I hope you'll send us a link to your new site. I enjoy reading what you write and will miss visiting you. I'm going to pop over to red bubble now and check it out.

Mortimer said...

Of course. I finally start posting on a regular basis here and you're leaving. Poop.

Coy said...

I'll never leave you Mort ... you're stuck with me for life. I love reading you and I will continue writing in Rain for myself from time to time. * Coy *