Monday, August 17, 2009

100 things # 46 I love Drive-In Movies ...

There are still quite a few drive-in theaters across the country and here in South Florida we are fortunate enough to have several of them close by. There is something a little nostalgic and romantic about watching a movie on such a large screen under the stars, plus ... it's a pretty good value for your buck!

David and I saw Funny People at the Trail Drive-In Theatre & Swap, in Palm Springs this weekend. The movie was a comedy about comedy (stand-up). The story line was good, a celebrity's search for a real life friendship, even if he has to buy it .

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Rhapsody B. said...

I hope you are well and in the best of health.

Your entry triggered a memory. I was thinking I never been to a drive through when i remember going to one as a child with my aunt and looking up a the big screen. I haven't been to one as an adult. I am now wondering if there is any here in the city of Toronto. I must look.

Thanks for the trigger, have a fabulous week.

Peace....and by all means please be good to yourself, you deserve it.