Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Any ideas for the month of December?

     The bad news is ... I work 6 day's a week at my job and it is very hard to take vacation time throughout the year. It's been like that for 8 years now, well except for the one year that I did have weekends off :.:.:.:. sigh :.:.:. that will never happen again. Ya know having 2 day weekends is an extra 52 days off per year. Hmmm ...  I guess I shouldn't complain, I could always change jobs if I wanted to, right?

     The good news is ... I still have most of my vacation time left and I'm using it all in December. Yep, this is a dreadfully slow time of year for us in the home improvement industry so we usually save all of our time off for the end of the year. We work on a bonus structure so at least the top producers are smart enough to save their vacation days for this very sloooooow time.

     I usually have the week of Thanksgiving off too, that did not work out this year (for the first time ever) touchy subject so we won't go there, well ... at least not today.

   The point is, I've got all of this time off and with the exception of a few Holiday Parties and some Christmas Shopping (which I don't plan on spending the whole month doing), I have not made any real plans. I want to make good use of my time off, any ideas?



emfeasel said...

Oh good for you!!  Sleep, eat, shop, REPEAT!


cneinhorn said...

Coy, that's a nice looking calender with all those "off" spaces.....if I were you, I'd sleep in every day, shop and just relax.....venture out with the camera, maybe go places you don't normally go since you have more time on your hands and take some new photos of new places.....just enjoy, relax and have fun!    

viviansullinwank said...


All of those days off in one month look wonderful. I wish I'd saved all of mine until the end of the year. I will be off the week of Christmas and the week after. I have one more 'dangling' vacation day to use between now and those last two weeks of the month. I started out this year with 30 vacation days, 7 (designated) holidays and three floating holidays. So those off days are 'sprinkled' throughout my virtual 2004 calendar.

Next year I purchased an extra week of vacation so I plan to have more time off at the end of 2005 for a nice long December vacation like you :)

Now for what I think you should do with all of this time off....how about doing your shopping in different cities and coming to visit some of your J-Land neighbors?!?  :)  Texas is lovely this time of the year (lovely in terms of no really cold or snowy weather)....my door is open!


amyhschwartz said...

MAke a day and pamper yourself...  its what i dream about when my kids are older;-)  And i guess your daughter could take care of it all, or mostly, right?  Nice and cost effective as well as completely relaxing, seems to hit all the bases:-)  Enjoy your vacation!

sboiling3 said...

Savour every moment, put your feet up and enjoy the nothingness.

shewolfdancing said...

Hi again, you would be suprised how quick those days disapear.  Sleep late, bake cookies for all your friends, spend a day at Barnes & Nobels or Borders and just "get lost" in coffee, expensive pastery and wonder leasurly through all the sections.  If you plan to travel, New Orleans has good deals over the XMas holidays... good deals on hotels and car rentels, trying to boost the slow time for tourist industry.  Its actuay really nice here at christmas time, everyone dresses up ther house in lights, the Garden District, the Trolly Cars...  you could hit Fl. and lay on the beach...  *good luck, and have fun!  ~K

coy1234787 said...

Wow, there are some great time off ideas accumulating here.

Elizabeth - LOL at "Sleep, Eat, Shop, Repeat " you always know how to make me laugh, thanks.

Nettie - relaxing and venturing out with my camera are so on my list, we think alike girl:-)

Viviane - So far you've come the closest to my "What I'd really like to be doing on all my time off list," and let me just say ... watch what you wish for, Texas is not that far away. BTW, how does one go about purchasing an extra week of vacation time, I want one, I want one, I want one! LOL

Amy, a day of complete pampering sounds divine and yes Mandy could take care of most of it, well ... except for the pedicure. For as long as I have known that girl (all of her life) she has had a real foot phobia, I'm not kidding. I have no idea how she made it through beauty school without touching a lot of feet but somehow she did. I guess her negotiating skills are pretty polished.

Sboiling - I wouldn't quite know how to put my feet up and enjoy the nothingness but maybe it deserves a little research. It actually sounds delightful, thanks.

Shewolf - baking cookies is an idea, and no doubt about it multiple trips to Barnes and Noble are on my list, bonus, it's right next door to the Whole Foods market:-)
The Travel to New Orleans idea sounds pretty good, I love New Orleans and my Dad lives there so ... hotel and rental car not much of an issue. I live in Florida a few miles from the beach so no doubt I will be spending a little time there as well, thanks.
                                                *** Coy ***

ann7inflorida said...

Now that's what I call a -vacation-!!! I say each day you wake up to just go with the flow. Sometimes the things that aren't planned are the most fun. Enjoy your break! : )

bookncoffee said...

Oh, now I'm green with envy!  Off most of the month!  Enjoy it.  That is sooooo cool.

danielled1 said...

Write, read, and savor each moment ;)