Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Trick or Treat and The Russell Hustle

Remembering Russ part 4 

     Every Halloween David and Zog would spend hours coming up with a really cool costume that they could both wear and then they would spend the whole day in character, accent and all.

     My very favorite was the year they both came dressed as Russ in his Saturday best. For as long as I knew Russ this is exactly what he looked like every single Saturday and the boys captured him to the Tee.

     Yep, the gray hair, the goatee, his tattoos, the girlie colored T shirts complete with geeky pocket protector, those old guy pants with that belt and OMG, don't know how they found those shoes. 



     This is a picture of the boys doing the Russell Hustle. I can hear them now ... can you shuffle like Russell ... Gotta feel the love here LOL

                                  *** Coy **



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ann7inflorida said...

This is the perfect way to remember someone. Lots of great pics and fun memories.