Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Ode to Russ

Remembering Russ part 3

We'll remember the good times

We'll remember the fun

We'll remember how your hard work

and dedication helped Boca-Tel run

But most of all we'll remember ...

How happy you'd get when

we'd feed you. LOL     

          *** Coy ***






babyshark28 said...

looks like great memories coy. :)

lamove04 said...

Coy, looks like a whole bunch of very wonderful memories of your friend Russ.  Thinking of you, and wishing you the very best today.  Friendships like these are a blessing.  I'm sure that his spirit knows that you are honoring him with these entries.  hugs, Albert

ann7inflorida said...

Coy, you can tell from all of the photos that you & Russ shared a lot of happy times.