Monday, November 8, 2004

My Neighbors Hedge

     For as long as I can remember, my neighbors yard has been impeccably manicured as with most around here. Now that there is a new Grandbaby in the house, it's very possible that their priorities have shifted, at least a little.

     The hedge that separates our yards is routinely shaped and trimmed to insure that there not be a leaf out of place and for the first time ever the hedge looks over grown and un kept. Almost over night it has become blanketed with a viney weed that is covered in tiny yellow flowers and orangy, yellow, spiky seed pods.

     As if by magic these seed pods seem to know the perfect moment to pop right open and display an explosion of juicy red seeds.

     I've seen these all of my life and have no clue what they're called. This weed is normally not welcome here but today the seed pods happened to catch the attention of my camera lens and I thought I would share them with you. Kind of cool up close, right?


     WooHoo, the damaged file in my photosite has been repaired and I can post new pictures again, it's been almost 2 weeks!    

Ok, Ok ... I'll stop rambling now and say good night.

                        *** Coy ***


jeanno43 said...

Sorry Coy, but I could not see any of the photos - just get a little boxes with a red cross in them.  Pity, cos I have no idea what the plant might be.  I asked him indoors to trim our hedge yesterday because it was dry.  He said no, he would do it today.  Yes, it is did he know lol

geminiwilder said...

those are weird!  not having those up here in freezing-ville, nope.

sepintx said...

I see the photos now! Really cool kind of fruit/seed pod.