Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Reorganizing my thoughts and direction

In March of 2004 I wrote my first Rain entry. I was in the midst of the yearly balancing my life process and was searching for a creative outlet to express some of my thoughts and ideas, a place to put together some of the pieces to the story of my life.

I was thrilled when my friend David indirectly pointed me in the direction of AOL Journals during a conversation we were having about the world of blogging.

The first journal I ever read was Slo Mo’s, from first read I was hooked and although I had no idea how to get started I knew I had to have a journal of my own. Slo Mo's journal also had links to other journals where I read entries written by several writers I still follow today.

Here I am again reorganizing my thoughts and direction, it only makes sense that I record the part of the process here.

Simplifying to meet the changing challenges of my life is where I plan to start. Reconnecting with myself and what makes me happy has always done wonders when it comes to un-complicating my life and right now my life does feel a little complicated.

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Monica said...

I MISS Slo Mo's journal. I also enjoyed reading her journals. This is a good place to come and reorganize one's thoughts.