Friday, January 9, 2009

I want to thank DB and Rose for their delightful comments regarding my situation with "The cosmic relationship between Venus and Mars." The irony of their words brought a smile to my face and thoughts that I just haven't been able to shake all morning.

She said: "I think you should discuss the matter. Love is beautiful and I personally feel it should be said often." Hugs, Rose

He said: "C, it's a beautiful poem, much the sense of two circles overlapping but gracefully not joining, questions of what's important in the other circle and how much is shared. It does get complicated. Love is done, not said.DB

Love is beautiful and I love you should be said often and Love is said not done. Could it get any more Venus and Mars than that?


Indigo said...

Sounds like a recipe for perfection to me. Love has it's thorns as well, we just have to be able to smell and enjoy the beauty of the rose for what they are. (Hugs)Indigo

Ann said...

Nope, that's about as Venus and Mars as it gets. And when they finally find a way to fuse together you get fireworks.