Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Blog Day 2005


   Today is Blog Day! I thought I would take a welcome break from hurricane updates to help celebrate in a Technorati kind of way.

     You can find out details on how to play along at Steven's Sometimes Photo Blog. Here's my list of 5 journals I want to recommend to the world.

     1. Albert's Artsy World of Fun. This is my all time favorite blog, no exceptions. NONE! Albert delights us with his frequent updates about the life of a big ol hairy gayguy, sprinkled with green and pink glitter.

     Albert is an artist, a writer, a movie star (ok, an extra), and an opera queen. Yeah, yeah, yeah ... so I'm secretly crushing on Albert, so is every other girl in this community! I'll stop now, just go HERE NOW!

     2. Jersey Girl Journal. I've watched Nettie grow from the new girl in town to one of J-Lands most popular bloggers. If you don't already know her, please stop by and take a look at life on the Jersey Shore from the eyes of a commercial fishing family and through the lens of this very talented girl's camera.

     3. Lotis Martinis. You can't help but laugh when you click on the link to GiGi's journal. This jaded party girl-cum-yoga-babe has the funniest way of letting you see things through the animated eyes of a martini sippin`cartoon.

     4. Ocean Simplicity. In this blog, Captain Chance gives us a glimpse into the life of a girl living her dream on a boat in Boston. Stop by and say hi to her and the Goddess, but be careful ... you just might learn something while you're there. 

     5 .This Sublime Dance . Jamey is a remarkably talented sports writer, poet, cartoon creator, songwriter and a he's also down to earth farm boy trying to make a name for himself as an actor in L.A.

     I love this journal, the writer never fails to surprise me when he shares with us the depths of his talent, quite amazing for one so young.

     Right now you will find details about the ups and downs of working on "Uncertainty."  Stop by and witness for yourself the beauty of This Sublime Dance.

     OK, this was fun! I hate that I only got to pick 5, my entire sidebar is filled with journals I would like to recommend to the world.

     For a while now, I've been adding a J-link du jour to the end of my entries ... it's like fast access to one of my favorite J-Land entries of the day.

      Technorati Scores are not such a big thing to me (kind of a guy thing, right)? but I do like to see the writers that I love reading, getting as much attention as possible so I will continue to link, link, link, link, link!

        My pick for J-Link du jour is the   Blog Day Journal . Not an AOL Journal this time but it's where you can look for the results from Blog Day 2005.



wessolo said...

Holy're so sweet. Thank you! I wish I were as interesting as you make me sound. ;)


acyrlicstains said...

Hi Coy,
I wrote this up to share with you!  Thank You!~

sepintx said...

Happy Blog Day!

lamove04 said...

Coy: you are a darlin'!  Thanks for the great pimping, I feel honored to be "crushed on", LOL...

unfortunately I was too involved yesterday being a Movie Star (well... Extra) to participate in Blog Day, but Happy Belated Blog Day to you today!  

Big hugs, Albert

txsguinan said...

Oh, you beautiful doll!  I can't believe how sweet you are to do me the honor.  How could I have missed this?!  (note to self ~ stop sipping during the day; its interfering with blog time.)

Thank you so much, sweetie.  As they say in the Jet Blue ads ~ we like you too!   :)  

deabvt said...

Great Pics!