Thursday, August 4, 2005

Over ambition, cubed ...

     Moving right along with my art class ...  cylinders, cones, spheres  no problem, then came the cube. It was hard and mine didn't come out the way I wanted it to, partly because I shared half my piece of paper with Karen so neither one of us really had enough room, and partly because, well ... "it was hard."

     I barely finished mine and did not leave that class knowing that I had a good grasp on drawing cubes before it was time to move on to the next project:-(

     We were asked to bring an object this week for a still life. It was suggested that we  bring in an object that we felt strongly about so we could later use it for a color project, I choose a box. Yep ... gotta conquer that cube.

      I brought the cutest box I own and robbed my poupori bowl of interesting natural objects to fill it with. Once I filled the box and started looking at all the lines and curves of the interesting but somewhat intricate objects, I knew that as usual ... I was being a bit over ambitious.


     After a brief discussion on proportion, composition and even a bit of anatomy, it was almost time to begin the project.  I was then saved by a pea green demo,  you know ...  color theory, mixing and warming dark greens with burnt umber, crimson, raw sienna, lemon yellow and eventually white for the highlights.

   I really like this instructor, he speaks slowly and thoroughly, he repeats himself until he thinks you've got it! I like when someone assumes that I know nothing and assumes also that I would like to know everything!

     Everyone seems to be a bit camera shy at this point but I guess they will get use to me and to my camera. Taking photos  is just what I do, otherwise I would have nothing to come back and talk about here.


     I have another class tonight, we are doing 2 classes this week and two next week because the instructor will be out of the country before the course is scheduled to be over. This is a minor inconvenience and a small price to pay for having this kind of instruction available for so little in the evenings in this community.

     Any of you with extra time on your hands may want to look into opportunities in your own community to take classes or to even teach classes like these.

     Ummmm ... anyone with more experience than I have, feel free to offer some cubic advice on drawing or painting this box and it's stuff. Better yet ...  try it yourself and show me.



astaryth said...

I would love to take a class like this... I have to look into what is being offered locally for this fall :)   Right now I would have trouble scheduling it with the way work is, but I have hopes of it settling down soon!

fitzzer said...

You're so lucky. This reminds me of my old art classes - I miss them. I think you're doing a great job and love that you're sharing them with us. ~ Lori

gabreaelinfo said...

I remember those old art class days.

Take Care,

krobbie67 said...

I am so jealous. I have been itching to paint and draw. I would love to take a class because I don't know how but I'm intimidated that I need to know how in order to take a class. So, I bought books. I'm going to try and teach myself.
But...yeah you!!! I think you're doing great! :-) ---Robbie

judithheartsong said...

keep up the good work!!! xoxoxo judi

acyrlicstains said...

Hi Coy,
Guess what?  I am an art student through AIS (Art Instruction School) in Minneapolis, MN.  But never finished due to the last three assignments of nudes.  As a mom with young kids observing what I was doing at home for my studies I found myself embarrased and putting my work on the shelf and today I kick myself for not getting it done.  Schools around the corner and you remind me and inspire to finish!! *Renee'*

goldenchildnc said...

Best of luck to you Coy. I suck at art!! Especially anything that would involve eventually picking up a paint brush. LOL! I admire the fact that you're taking classes. I love learning new things! However when it comes to art (not including manipulating graphics with photo editing software), I have to throw in the towel. :-)

deabvt said...

I really admire the artist talent. I have none!