Wednesday, August 17, 2005

What do you suggest?

     Last month I posted a suggestion box asking you to make a suggestion about anything you'd like. It was so much fun to read your responses, here are a few of the suggestions that you left behind ...

Eat more ice cream!  Watch sunsets more often!   ~~Aunt Nub~~    

3 day weekends! * stop sweating the small stuff! *  drink more water! * take more photos! *  live passionately!   ~ Jersey Girl  

Yes, just love everybody. Judi Heartsong  ps... this delighted me  

Play more *Don't wait to tell people you love them *Diet less *Learn from each other *Sit in your bathtub and eat Pomegranates!  ~ Nancyluvspix 

Did someone already say, "Sit in your bathtub and eat Pomegranates"? Damn, that was gonna be mine. ~ Belfastcowboy  

and I can't forget my favorite ...  

I suggest that it stay permanently summer here. I am enjoying the 90+ degree days. Dogs should learn to use toilets, including to flush for themselves. Weeds should be pulled once, then that's it. Grass should get to the perfect height, and stay there. Clean house, it stays that way......    xoxo  suzypwr

Many more witty J-Land suggestions found here <--

     I thought that as part of our 2nd Anniversary celebration I would bring back the suggestion box and this time ask for your suggestions to other bloggers to help make our "boring blogs" (per Joe), less boring. I'll go first!

     If you are writing a blog, I suggest ... * Keep it short and easy to read * update often * find ways to connect with your reader * write what you feel passionately about * add photos if you can * use a print large enough for those of us with over 40 eyes to read.

    OK ... now it's you turn, what do you suggest?

     BTW ... my pick for J-link du jour is a related entry called What we want from blogs, written by Patrick from Patrick's Place.



hadonfield78 said...

My suggestion is this:

Have those who have pic's listed on their journals, submit their baby pics.
And then have a contest to see who can identity the J Landers from the babypics.

cneinhorn said...

My suggestion is

add music in clickable links (not embedded)



suzypwr said...

My suggestion is: write for yourself, not to try to please others. These aren't novels for sale, these are personal journals. Write what is on your mind or what makes you happy. Sometimes what pops out makes ya' think.


rivercitygirl1 said...

Thanks for the info guys.  My journal needs all the help it can get.  Talk about boring!

krobbie67 said...

My suggestion: To have those other 38 eyes removed. ;-) my 'real' suggestion: Write what you want (preferrably not tooo long but...) be damned if it is boring or not. It's your blog and it'll wear what it wants. ;-) ---Robbie

luvmort said...

I just say, it's your journal. If you start pandering to the masses, then it will ring false. Write what you know and leave it at that.

ryanagi said...

I suggest no more dark backgrounds with light color or white text. LOL It's hard to read! And paragraphs, people! Paragraphs! One long blob of text in size 10 font will give me a killer headache. Copy your entry and paste it into a new email message in the body. Why? So you can spell check! That's an easy way to get around the "no spell check in journals" problem. That's good for a start. LOL (Oh suggestion for AOL Journals developer type people? More mood choices and more color choices - more soft shades rather than deep colors!!)

sunnyside46 said...

my suggestion is to enjoy yourself...;this is not freshman english (thank god)

marainey1 said...

My suggestion is to write from the heart - journaling is a part of what we are! 'On Ya - ma

txsguinan said...

I'd suggest to the AOL people that they need to FIX MY FONT BUTTONS (!) which have never worked.  And I do want spell check ~ it is the job of the editors to keep me from looking like the semi-literate chimp that I am.  Get on it, people.  I'm losing IQ points as we speak.

As far as writing goes, the power of the paragraph cannot be overemphasized.  Many of us are cross-eyed and lazy ~ please don't make us work so hard.  

And by all means, write for yourself ~ write whatever you feel passionately about, whatever makes you laugh, cry, shout, think or just plain crazy.  But do be aware that it IS online, and presumably you're not just interested in talking to yourself, and a little self-editing is not a bad idea.  Take this comment, for example ~ will it never end?  For the love of god why is she going on so loooong and saying the same thing over and over again I'm just on a break here and I don't have time to keep reading theis nonsense somebody make her stop I gotta go now.....  :)