Wednesday, November 23, 2005

.A couple dozen complaints?

 I think I've made a couple dozen complaints all by myself, here are two of them.


Guessing they sent out a generic form letter response.

  In a message dated 11/16/2005 2:01:08 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, Coy1234787 writes:
  New updates not the best business idea for AOL. Upset about not being able to post an entry in my own journal ... very upset about the non approved advertisements in my journal ... very, very upset that so many of my friends are leaving J-land.
                                           *** Coy ***

Dear Coy1234787



Let me thank you for communicating to this screen name regarding the recent addition of banner ads on Journal pages.  By doing so, you are helping us capture your concerns so that we can elevate them as appropriate to the necessary people.

Again, thanks very much for taking the time to let us know how you feel.  Rest assured that your feedback is important to us. Please let us know if you have any other comments or questions.

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    Mine said thank you for your suggestion.
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    csandhollow - 22/11/05 12:34

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    It said your feedback is important, not that they would consider a change. Jerks.

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    suzypwr - 19/11/05 20:34

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    I got something like that but not code.
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    psychfun - 19/11/05 06:26

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    Feh. They didn't even respond to me.
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    ryanagi - 19/11/05 04:54

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    I think my response from them was
    exactly the same!  What a crock!
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    indigosunmoon - 19/11/05 04:51

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Enough already!!!  

I want to go back to Dancing in the Rain, and not to the ad free Dancing in the Rain International Journals where I am temporarily residing.

   More than that, I want my friends to come back before they get to comfy in there new homes, they are all spread out across cyberspace and I hate that.

   A few questions if you don't mind ... now that you have chosen to assume your right to deface the sacred creative space you have offered us as part of our membership for so long and you've also chosen to offer non paying AIM members blog space and E-mail ... what exactly is it that we are paying for every month anyway? A detailed answer to that question would be appreciated.

   Another question please ... can you give an honest answer to how many complaints AOL has received through E-mail, Comments and through journal entries, regarding the horribly distracting and intrusive banner ads.

     Oh, one more ... (sorry), those of us that have chosen to ride this storm out at AOL International Journals instead of jumping ship all together to boycott this company and it's advertisers, would like to know how much time we have left here at AOL. So my question to you is ... when (if at all) is the international software due to be updated to include the intolerable banner ads, and should those of us finding refuge there start considering a different provider and a different blog spot?                 

                  Three questions, three answers please. I'm still grasping at every straw to find a reason to continue my up until now happy membership with AOL.                

                                         *** Coy ***


luvmort said...

I seriously hope you aren't holding your breath.

ally123130585918 said...

Don't hold your breath Coy - They are politicians - they never answer a straight question with a straight answer....Ally

suzypwr said...

They did not respond to me at all. I do not feel important. My self esteem is damaged. I am worthless, not to mention annoyed by the damn ads!

Likely they are overwhelmed by "a few dozen" complaints jamming their inbox. Hope so, anyway.


sanforized6 said...

I guess our next move, if we want to stay with AOL, and I really do, is to demand our monthly rates go down, way down. We shouldn't have to pay anymore than $10.00 a month, max! Then, they can run their stinking banners all over, i wouldn't care. Sound like a plan? If you like it, we can start a campaign!! rich