Wednesday, November 9, 2005

decisions, decisions ...

     I've just started shopping around for a new camera. For the last two years I have been using a Kodak Easy Share, it was sooooo not the camera that I wanted when I bought it but the price was right. I was able to convince myself at the time that it was just a starter camera (first step into the digital world), and that I should just keep the digital SLR that I really wanted on my wish list.

   Kodak Easy Share DX 4530

 I've actually been very happy with the photos thatI've taken with that camera and the compact size was perfect for carrying with me everywhere I go, I keep it in a small black zipper bag in my purse because ... you just never know when that unexpected Kodak moment might come along, right?

    I've decided, with a little help from my sister that it might be time to pass the easy share down to my son. He's traveling a lot with his job and will be going places and seeing things that he might never see again. So, he gets my camera and I'm in the market for a new one.


                                    Canon Canon Rebel X T

  Although price range is certainly an issue right here before the holidays, I did want to at least consider getting THE camera that I really want. Thanks to a strong reminder from a close friend to "explore the options of "not paying retail" the possibilities became a little less pricey. Funny how we choose to buy things in this country with all the other options available. 

      With a little help from my friends (thanks JJ) I was able to narrow down my choice of SLR's to the Cannon Rebel XT. But ... when I actually went to look at them today I decided that even though this camera has every option a girl could ask for ... it just will not do as my only camera. Even though it's the smallest, lightest model of it's kind ... it's just to big. I'm not willing to give up the convenience of having a small camera in my bag, it would never be there when I needed it. So ... the Rebel will have to wait and I've still got some shopping around to do.The other two models I'm considering are both small and convenient and both about the same price.

  Konica Minolta DiMAGE X 1

     The Konica Minolta DiMAGE x1 has the 8 mp I'm looking for and it's so sleek small and thin ... love it, love it, love it, but ... it only has 3x optical zoom (same as my old camera) and there are no external buttons, all functions are made through the menu, I guess I could get used to that ... (maybe). 

    Nikon CoolPix S4

  The Nikon CoolPix s4 ... even though it ONLY has 6 mp and I want 8, it does have Nikon's D lighting which lights twice the distance of most other built in flashes, it has a really cool swiveling lens, it has a bright 2.5" LCD screen (they both do). This camera is a wee bit larger than the Konica one but still smaller than the one I've been using  AND it has 10x optical zoom. I'm leaning towards giving up a few pixels for all that extra zoom and lighting. But ... isn't the Konica cute ... sexy sort of, they certinly did there homework on design.

     :.:.:.:.sigh:.:.:.:. any opinions on sacrificing zoom or pixels in the digital world?


     My choice for J-Link du jour was written by JJ from An Eclectic Mind before she bought her new camera, It's called new baby. When you visit her journal you'll notice really cute photos of the animals at the zoo, no wonder she wanted such great camera.



cneinhorn said...

Both 6 and 8 mp's will give you a huge huge print, easily poster size, so I would sacrifice the pixels and go for the zoom.  Hope that helps.  

cneinhorn said...

Oh, and I hear ya on the size of the camera.....I have the canon eos 20d and it's large to lug around.  I'm actually considering a pocket size backup one for the same reasons you mention....more versatile than lugging a large camera and lenses around.  I'd go for one that offers the widest range....wide angle to telephoto all in one.  

nhd106 said...

Sorry, Coy...I've had the same questions for myself.  I posted the question of buying a camera to J landers...if you want...drop me a line, and I'll send ya that link.  Good luck, Nancy

ryanagi said...

I fell in love with the Canon PowerShot S80 as an upgrade to my current digicam (the PowerShot S50) with it's small footprint. I am tempted to try one of these big honkin digital SLRs just to see what I could do with it...but they are SO big. I'd hate to spend that kind of money only to end up using the little cam 90% of the time. LOL  I'd really love to have the ability to use some serious lenses tho. One of those HUGE zoom lenses. That would be so fun. I could indulge my paparazzi fantasies. LOL

suzypwr said...

Unless you are planning to print out huge pics, I would go with the zoom.

astaryth said...

First, I am sooo honored to be you Journal du jour!

Next,I like the Nikon Cool Pix! Not only does it look cool, but I would rather have the 10X zoom (as long as it is optical zoom only... digital zoom BAA!) over the extra megapixels.  6 megapixels is plenty unless you plan to do poster shots. I actually almost bought the 6 megapixel Rebel, but the difference in price for the 8 wasn't that much, so I thought, 'What the heck!' Like I told you in the e-mail, I LOVE the Canon and it is great for planned 'photo' trips, but it's too big for just grabbing and going. I plan to replace my little Sony at some point because it's only 2.1 megapixels, but I will ALWAYS have a small 'knockabout' camera.

Keep us posted. I look forward to hearing which one you end up with!

luvmort said...

That totally confused me. I am a gear head but, I just go with what I know. Don't know cameras, just grab whatever's around and snap away.

csandhollow said...

I have the same Kodak  camera you have. I love it! If I was getting a new camera I would go with the Zoom!
P.S. I am thinking of odrering the zoom lens attachment for my camera.

freeepeace said...

Zoom over pixels any day.  No need for more than 5 mp really (according to a few articles I've read recently).  Unless of course, you're planning on printing poster sized pics in the future. ;)

Personally, I find my camera (the newer version) to pack a powerful punch.  Canon Digital Elph SD### (there's a 5+ mp version).  It's small, can take a beating and it's always on hand.  If I had the newer one, I'm sure I would've gottan a nice shot of Jason Mraz's eyes from the nose-bleed seats.  Still, decent enough photos considering.

Just adding to the mix.

What's your price range?