Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Old, imperfect and incomplete ...

This Asian Altas Moth, all tattered and torn ... whispered for me to slow down and take a closer look as it nears the end of this part of it's lifecycle.

                                                    Wabi - Sabi

        Ask 100 different people to describe Wabi-Sabi and you'll get 100 different answers ... that's why I was so excited about choosing this topic for the Round Robin Challenge.  I can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with. So ...

              My choice for J-link du jour is all of the other Wabi-Sabi entries around J-Land. Stop by and take a look for yourself.


















mariebm56 said...

This was difficult at first, b/c I didn't know what a Wabi-Sabi was.
It WAS a challenge!
Thanks Coy, it will be hard to top this challenge.
Excellent choice for your entry.

ryanagi said...

Don't forget mine! LOL

sunflowerkat321 said...

I thought it was a GREAT idea for the challenge.  Thanks for introducing me to the concept.  Now that I'm aware...I know this is something that I feel deeply.

Beautiful photo!

mavarin said...

Thanks for coming up with such a great challenge!  I love your photo and the way you've presented it, with the jagged edges and all.  Reminds me of the dead butterfly on our window sill. :(  - Karen

rap4143 said...

I had to really think about my entry...what fun!!! Great photo!

nhd106 said...

Great entry...and I too, LOVED this choice for Round Robin.  Thank you.   Nancy

sepintx said...

Wow, that's a beauty! Lots of wing wear. I enjoyed this challenge as I had no idea what kind of photo I'd shoot. Nice explore outa this one :-)

mkolasa101 said...

Tattered and torn at the endo of life's cycle - wonderful choice.  I'm just cruising through these entries and wondering, do I dare take on a challange like this.  Bravo to you - I love it that you love our state so much.

Marlene-Purely Poetry

geminiwilder said...

how very beautiful he is.  
thank you for the excellent challenge!

tc01hm said...

Thanks for the challenge. This moth is quite beautiful and sad as captured!

deveil said...

I loved this challenge, and yours is perfect.  I love it.


freeepeace said...

Beautiful and powerful.

ondinemonet said...


This is so poignant. Lovely.

Always, Carly :)

sassydee50 said...

Beautifully imperfect subject. Perfect photo! ;-) Sassy

danniboo05 said...

i found your link and i just wanted to give you mine if you get bored stop by and check it out

txsguinan said...

All things are imperfect, all things are impermanent, and all things are incomplete.  Beautiful.  I think your moth captures the concept wonderfully.  :)

deabvt said...