Sunday, November 6, 2005

For Betty ...

     I received the following E mail from Betty asking for help identifying some butterflies, happy to oblige if I can. 


A mutual friend Steven SEPINTX suggested I contact you for help identifying butterflies photos I took last week in Aruba.  I know nothing about butterflies other than how pretty they are to photograph!!! Thank you for any help you might provide.                                             



    Looks to me like the first butterfly might be a Scarlet Mormon, it's a little difficult to tell because it's wings are not all of the way open. The second one is a Golden Helicon (don't cha think)?


     The forth one is a clipper and the last one looks like an emerald swallowtail.


 my choice for J-link du jour is Betty's entry called Butterfly Farm in Aruba , please stop by to take a look at her beautiful butterfly photos, there are still a few that I was not able to help her with. Anyone know anything about butterflies?

     Betty was also the host of last night's Vivi award announcements at the Journal Cafe, thanks for that Betty and everyone else that put so much time and energy into making the awards such a success. You can find the list of this years winners posted HERE. Congrats to the journal award winners and congrats to everyone that writes a journal here. J-Land rocks. 



rap4143 said...

Coy thank you!!!! I will add the names to my entry.

astaryth said...

Hmmm... I plan to visit the local butterfly observatory (and floating garden) and take photos soon. I'm hoping for next weekend, but plans are pretty fluid around here <g>. I'll have to ask you to come over and do some identifying <LOL> Great job for Betty... and wasn't she great as a host??