Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Art Night Now On Monday ...


      For about a year now, my friend Karen and I have been taking art classes together on Wednesday nights. When structured classes are not in session, we meet at her house after work to paint, chat and laugh, sometimes until midnight.

     This week we officially moved to Monday nights, her husband is home at night now (truck driver) so he plays his guitar while we paint. Quite artsy, right?


      Sometimes things can get down right silly around there. This week we were joined by Racine ... the Karaoke Queen. God love her, she is about the homeliest looking thing you would want to meet but ... is she ever a hoot. The camera loves her, well sort of. 



     With art night now on Monday, dinner and Commander in Chief with my sister and brother in law on Tuesday nights, guitar class and Adobe layout and design classes on Wednesday nights, continued Photo Shop Classes on Thursday nights, on top of a 6 day work week ... I'm wondering when I'm going to find time to write and post photos or blog jog here in J-Land. 


     The two photos above are from last night at my sister's house. OMG do we love artichokes. The photo on the right is of a few of her many African Cichlids in her huge 250 gallon tank we put up on Thanksgiving. After the initial cycle process and some of the problems that can bring, everything seems to be balancing well and she's got a tank full of happy fish.

     Next week I'll take photos of the nursery. She has an entire room in her house reserved for housing and tending the babies that these prolific little beauties produce. There are fish everywhere, African Cichlids anyone?


     Let me get myself into the shower now, before I make myself late for work. I may have to start using a timer when I sit down at the computer, we all know how easy it is to loose track of time when we start playing around here in J-Land.                                       



cneinhorn said...

I'm loving those teeth!  Wow, you have quite a busy schedule!  Shocking that you find the time to write and tell us about it!  but so glad you do   :-)  

ally123130585918 said...

You certainly seem to be busy with your classes...I just loved the photos - I bet Racine is fun to be with....and the fish are beautiful - looking forward the seeing the pictures of the nursery.....Ally

nhd106 said...

Great shots!  lol.  Any tips on how to do the artichokes?  What's the sauce?  YUM!

suzypwr said...

Now there is a hairdo to die for.

sunnyside46 said...

you have an admirably full life

jeanno43 said...

Oh how I loved those photos and laughed. She certainly has a wonderful personality.  I used to breeed Rift Valley Cichlids many years ago as well.  Sounds as if you have a very busy life.

shermeen0621 said...

I know what you mean, i'm getting comment alerts and new entry alerts coming in thick and fast. its crazy. i can spend the whole day in journal land. which won't be good.

Shermeen xx

gotomaria said...

Just found your site from a little game I started to play...trying to visit 15 different sites.  I love artichokes too!  Have you ever had an Artichoke benedict?  They are great...I never knew that an artichoke would open up like a flower after it was cooked...then you pull the middle leaves out and scoop out the hairs....I'm serious it will lay flat like a flower..then fry up a little canadian bacon lay it on the center of the choke. Poach and egg and place it over the bacon.  Last, make some Hollandaise sauce and pour over the's amazingly yummy....  A South Beach diet treat!   I should have taken a picture!