Sunday, January 15, 2006

You may see ...

     The face of a couple of angels, but they look like a pair of little devils to me. Yeah, they are a little bit larger and yes they have been here just a little bit longer, but does that give them the right to terrorize their tank mates?


   See the two adorable faces cowering in the back ground? From the moment I added them to the tank my sweet angels became vicious battering bullies that shred the tales of those smaller and more defenseless : (


     Good news is, 2 weeks later things are settling down a bit and the tails are beginning to grow back. It was quite stressful watching the senseless battering and not being able to do anything to help. I did give fleeting thought to flushing the offenders, so glad that I didn't have to resort to such measures.


     I don't usually like to play favorites but this beauty was added at the same time as the two white ones and is about the same size. He was way to wise to hang around long enough to take a beating. When he saw the bullies coming you could almost hear him thinking, "ewww ... don't touch me" as he would dart off to safer waters. 

     My old camera never took very good fish tank photos, having a little better luck with the new one, still could use some practice though. I guess if I were going to post photos, I could have at least cleaned the algae off the back glass of the aquarium.

     BTW ... algae is a sign of a healthy tank and normally does not bother me unless it is on the front glass or on the sides. But then again, I've never taken many photos of the fish before. Guess I should clean it, right?

      My work week started all over again today, have I ever mentioned that I hate one day weekends : (



sunnyside46 said...

fish...hmmm, 13 cats , a dog a rabbit a guinea pig...mayb e  I need fish!

suzypwr said...

Watching fish is very calming. That's why most dentists have them in their waiting rooms :)


cneinhorn said...

very pretty Coy....we haven't had much luck with fish here...the doggies don't seem to be as fragile! look forward to seeing more tank photos.

luvmort said...

Little Jose has a salt water tank. An expensive hobby, to be sure.