Sunday, January 1, 2006

Doodle bug, doodle bug your house is on fire?

     No Nancy ... this is not  A snake hole and a dead butterfly w/ a rose above it. Or A weird face ...sort of ET-ish! but thanks for giving it a guess.

     This is a photo of doodle bug holes. Anyone remember doodle bugs from when you were a kid?

      They look a little like this -->

     When I was a kid, (7 or 8) my friend Bobby Heinz and I were lizard hunters and master doodle bug catchers. Anyone can catch a lizard but, it takes a certain kind of skill to be good at doodling for doodle bugs.

      I've heard others say that they used a piece of straw to fish for doodle bugs, I have a hard time imagining one crawling right out of that hole onto a bristle pulled from a broom.

     The real secret to mastering the art of doodling is to use live bait. Yep ... you would catch some ants and place one in the doodle bug hole.

     We didn't use any of those silly chants about tobacco or houses on fire. We would just offer the bait and as the ant tried to escape, the unsuspecting doodle bug would come close to the surface of the hole to collect his free meal.

     That's where we would be waiting to scoop him up with a can and add him to a container of sand where he would then bury himself and create another cone shaped hole to collect the ants he was sure to be fed in capitivity.

     There you have it ... the secrets to doodling for doodle bugs, written by a one time master.

     I think these days, kids that age just play video games, to bad.



dcmeyer420 said...

Happy New Year, Coy! Yup, I used to be a doodle bug hunter too. I am the only girl in my family for a while. My younger sister was not born when I was in highschool so I grew up playing with my brothers and they did all sorts of stuff with insects and reptiles.

nhd106 said...

LOL! least I tried.   And I've never heard of those disgusting-looking creatures!!

ally123130585918 said...

Hi Coy - I remember the Doodle Bug (or Buzz Bomb) they were programmed to reach England and when the engine stopped they would drop out of the sky and explode and cause devastation....They were as horrible as that little creature looks...I never knew such bugs exsisted - just brought back memories of the Doodle Bugs I remembered.....Ally

jmorancoyle said...

    Thank you for visiting and commenting in my journal. I enjoyed my visit here tremendously and will be back. I love your pictures from Sanibel Island. Have a good New Year.

mastersblynn said...

Thanks for bringing back the memory of doodle bugs! My little sister and I would do this for hours.  We also liked rollie pollies.  You know what they are? Stop by my journal for a visit sometime. Barbara  

sunflowerkat321 said...

I don't think we had them where I grew up because we would have noticed something like that.  Unfortunately, my kids are completely lost in that virtual world of which you speak.  If they ever break away....there's a world of natural wonders waiting for them.

madcobug said...

I thought those were doodle bug holes then thought surely not because they look bigger. My cousins and I used to doodle for those bugs when we were little and I also showed them to my children. Thanks for the memories this brought back. Helen

lamove04 said...

I think I'll pass on the doodlebugs, thanks.  I do like to doodle sometimes though.

nyuknyukpik2 said...

I guess we don't have doodle bugs in San Francisco.
It always seems like I'm missing out on something!!!!


shewolfdancing said...

Hey Coy,
  Happy New Year and good holidays... hope all is well.. love the pictures.!!!  Your so awesome!!   Well I am here to say hello and to tell ya that I have tagged you... and you have to go to my journal to see what i mean.. tho.. being an avid journaler.. you prob already know what it is.. hehehe  

xxx  Kate

luvmort said...

"I have a hard time imagining one crawling right out of that hole onto a bristle pulled from a broom"

OK, this whole entry was a bit...bizarre...but, this line particuarly struck my fancy.
You, my dear, are a strange bird. I have caught lightening bugs and caterpillars but, "doodle bugs"? Especially when they look like that?
You, my dear, are one strange bird.

suzypwr said...

We don't have those bugs and I must say I am not disappointed!

deabvt said...

Gosh, Coy. I haven`t heard them mentioned in years!