Sunday, January 1, 2006

Other stuff on Sanibel ...

     Ok, this is the last of the six Sanibel entries, I just had such trouble picking a few favorites out of the hundreds of shots that I took.  


     The light house is near a great fishing pier ... anyone that loves to fish with or without a boat would love visiting Sanibel.


     These are two of my favorite photos from the beach near the lighthouse. Guess one of the hurricanes must have taken that tree down, It will probably look a lot like the other tree given enough years in the salt water and sun.


     These are Horseshoe Crabs, I thought I would mention that since a dozen of people must have asked me what they are while I was there. I guess not everyone is familiar with them.


      Ahhhh ... one of my most memorable images from my visit is of this big girl happily sunning herself near the waters edge.  You can tell by the smile that she's a crocodile and a big one (12 or 13 ft). Was hoping to see a manatee but had to settle for her.

     Several years ago she found her way to this island, I guess it was a little alarming because of her size so she was captured, tagged and taken several hundred miles away to a less populated area. Within a year she had returned and this time they let her stay.

     Luckily the water was cold the day I saw her and she was extremely sluggish because I was standing just a few feet from her. BTW ... alligators have a more rounded snout and all of their teeth fit inside their mouth. So ... if you can see the teeth you know this is not your common everyday alligator.


     We don't get a lot of color change in the foliage here in South Florida so it was kind of nice to see the red leaves on the seagrapes in the middle of December. Oh ... anyone know what the second photo is? 


     The very last photo was taken on my way to Sanibel the day I took the scenic route, (Ft. Myers Beach) I'm posting it because I like it.



ally123130585918 said...

Thanks for sharing such lovely pictures I have enjoyed them all....Ally

psychfun said...

Cool pix. Dang you trying out for Croc. Hunter?

sunnyside46 said...

well, I am glad the old girl was sleepy!
Great pics and what a beautiful place.

springangel235 said...

I love these photos are great with the camera!

nhd106 said...

Great pix, as usual.  As for that second LOOKS like a snake hole and a dead butterfly w/ a rose above it...but REALLY  looks more like a weird face to me...sort ET-ish!

luvmort said...

Since the damn things spawn here, I know full well what horseshoe crabs are. There are thousands of them down the coast during their spawning season and it gets quite smelly.

suzypwr said...

Common everyday alligators? The only one I ever saw was in one of the Carolinas, although someone told me they don't live there. I guess he was lost.