Monday, March 20, 2006

Love and War ...

      Reading a simple entry called Transitions, <-- written by Gannet Girl from the Search The Sea Journal, I was reminded of THESE <-- unforgettable images of the Katrina devastation in New Orleans.

    Thinking about how slowly the recovery efforts are coming along, I was also reminded of the following suggestion by David McCreery that I clipped out of Time Magazine just after the hurricane.

      Can't help thinking how different the photos of the Lower 9th Ward linked in the Transitions entry would look if we would have followed Mr. McCreery's suggestion.

     Guess all is fair in "Love and War," right?



nhd106 said...

Great entry, Coy.  I couldn't agree more with that suggestion.  What a messed up country we've become...

suzypwr said...

Nice reminder.


indigosunmoon said...

I totally agree Coy.  It's an absolute shame that
the largest leader of the free world still has people
living in trailors, or worse.  It's just unreal.
Love ya,

sunnyside46 said...

my thoughts exactly , Coy. We should take care of our own first. It mkaes me crazy , people who say, "why are they asking the government to help?' well, you can't rebuild fromnothing! And didh't those people pay taxes? Don't you have the right to expect your govenment to help you? What are they for if not to take care of the citizens? I am so disillusioned and frightened and saddened by all this.