Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Monday Photoshoot ...

Just read THIS entry at Alphawoman's Blog and was reminded of a photo of some of my books I posted a while back. As usual, I was reminded less of my entry and more of the amazing comments that were left behind by some of my favorite writers. Many of them are no longer here in J-Land, I'm still working on getting used to that. This is a repost...

What books are in your piles?



       My friend Vince  posted and entry in his journal today asking what books are in the piles around our house. I have an entire closet in the computer room reserved for piles of books, I have easy access to them there and they are easy to put away ... I read a lot and use my books every day.

     In his entry Vince mentions an entry in the Biblio Philes where Marigolds2 tells about the piles in the different areas in her house. I'm not to crazy about stray piles so my piles are the piles on top of the piles in that closet, most of the current reads will have sheets of scribbled note paper or beautiful bookmarks in them.

     There were to many to list so, I thought I would just show some of them to you. I do most of my reading in the computer room, I sleep there most nights too on a comfy cozy daybed surrounded by many of my favorite things! 

     Thanks V for posting your entry and for the link to the Biblio Philes ... I see lot's of good ideas there for new books to add to my eclectic collection.

     So ... what books are in your piles?

                                         *** Coy ***

When we moved from Alabama to Colorado a little over three years ago, I had almost 100 cartons of books.  My husband swore after moving them the second time from storage into our townhome, that I HAD to get rid of some of them.  My Dad was a minister and upon his death, my Mom gave me all of his books.  There are several sets of commentaries and the rest are mostly inspirational books with him having been a minister and all.  My stepgrandmother passed away a few years ago and my stepfather gave me books out of her house, a whole wall full much to the dismay of my husband.  I LOVE to read and already had many books of my own.  I did finally donate some of my Dad's books to the church library and some to charity.  I am probably down to 30 cartons or so now.  Unfortunately the majority of them are packed up because I have no bookshelves as of yet to put them on, although my carpenter husband has collected material to build me some one day.........................................................................................................
I could spend my whole paycheck and his too on books!!!! Being a medical transcriptionist, I have medical reference books.  I also have lots of books on writing, as I aspire to be an inspirational author "one day."  I collect cookbooks, you name it, I probably have it.  :) You can check me out at http://journals.aol.com/smjr43/Colorado.  Really enjoyed your journal.  I like the part where you said it does not get any better than this.  I feel the same way about living in Colorado after living the whole first 42 years of my life in Alabama!!!!!
Comment from smjr43 - 2/25/05 1:36 AM

I have 2 rooms packed to the gills with books. scriptys, scores, music books, theatre books.. you name it.. Biographies, entertainment books.. I guess I am a huge book nut.
Comment from realitycheckmco - 2/18/05 2:07 AM
I see books and I want to start grabbing and reading them. I cansee several in your stacks that I have too. Bibliophiles is a great journal. So is her Windmills journal. :-) ---Robbie
Comment from krobbie67 - 2/16/05 10:10 AM

LOL I like this idea...a photo of my book piles. I'll have to do this. :-)
Comment from ryanagi - 2/15/05 10:31 AM

I'll have to take a pic and show you.
Comment from luvmort - 2/12/05 8:20 PM

I see lots of self-help books, cook books, technology books, etc.  It's interesting the kind of things you learn about someone from the types of books they read.  I once had a friend [well, hardly a friend, and you'll understand why] who absolutely refused to tell me what kinds of books he read or what kinds of movies he watched, etc.  He really felt that sharing those things said too much about who he was as a person.  Therefore, I really never got to know him very well.  LOL  That said, it's nice to get to know you, Coy.  And I've MISSED you!!!  Sorry I disappeared.  :(
Comment from slowmotionlife - 2/12/05 3:49 PM

All my old nursing books are piled in the closet.
Mybedside table is piled up with old romance
novels.  lol
What a mix eh?
Commentfrom indigosunmoon - 2/12/05 3:48 AM

I love this!   It was fun trying to read some of the titles.. like all the "Idiot" books......  hahahaha.  I shamefully admit to 3 bookshelves full of mysteries and (hanging my head) trashy romances. Not a literarly masterpiece to be found amongst my tomes. ~Sie
Comment from sieblonde - 2/11/05 11:58 PM

hey!  thanks a million for visiting my book journal, and for linking me to your journal.  great photos, what a good idea.  i am quite fond of Sark, myself.  and, i see that there is a Whole Foods Market Cookbook!!! this is important good news for me.  how could i not know that?  anyway, i'm going to have to come back over here and visit more, read old entries, keep up with new.  hope you do the same.
Comment from marigolds2 - 2/11/05 11:25 PM

Thanks much for your visit to my journal.  I also saw Marigold's entry about her book piles.  I read it, and yours, with interest.  I am truly afraid to undertake the job of naming what is in all my book piles!  I literally have piles and piles of books all over the place!  Maybe I will get the courage to do it someday.  Hope to see you post at my journal again some time.  All best to you.  http://journals.aol.com/theresarrt7/TheresaWilliams-author/

Comment from theresarrt7 - 2/11/05 10:27 PM

I would have to dig thru stacks of stuff and cannot get motivated.... there are books everywhere in this house. So glad you played. judi
Comment from judithheartsong - 2/11/05 9:30 PM
My piles? I haven't had any since I cut back on Mexican food.
Comment from belfastcowboy75 - 2/11/05 8:17 PM name="vc_commentor_sn_alphawoman1">
I see SARK!  I love her.
Comment from alphawoman1 - 2/11/05 6:15 PM

okay, I"ll be photgraphing my piles of books, books books everywhere! :-)
Comment from cneinhorn - 2/11/05 5:53 PM

I have so many books! Periodically I go through and pass some on that I am now willing to part with. I have lent out books in the past I thought I would reread and have never gotten them back. This is something that really bugs me. I have stopped lending to one friend. I am still holding onto a few books from my teen years and regret letting others go. Right now my closet has books and I have 4 unpacked boxes from my move three yrs. ago. I have no bookshelves....YET. Nelle
Comment from nellemclaughlin - 2/11/05 5:08 PM

An idle mind....you know how it goes. Wow! You ever come out and play? Most of my higher "learning" has been more of a hands on thing. I do love to read, BUT, since I got on-line most my spare time is spent here. rich
Comment from sanforized6 - 2/11/05 12:26 PM

OH, Iguess you can tell from by screen name that we have a lot of books around here.  You will have to let me know how that new Jimmy Buffet book is.  I really enjoyed his biography book.  
We have a big book shelf out in our family room.  It is filled with the books we've collected over the years, forming a library full of excitement.  I actually have a basket of about 10 books "in waiting" that are in my computer room/bedroom (kinda like your computer room).  The basket houses the next 10 books I will read.  That way I can look at them and know what books I'll be reading over the next few months!!  I don't get enough reading time!  Maybee soon I'll post a pic like you did.  That was great idea.  
I have some books by bedside....Shopaholic Takes Manhattan by Sophie Consella and a Rachel Ray cookbook, and my Key Word Study Bible and my small group devotional book.  Ah, it is just so fun to read.  
Comment from bookncoffee - 2/11/05 6:42 AM  

Wow, Coy!!  Show SOME of them?
And what`s up with that  "eat mangoes naked" ?         LOL
"Dining in the Raw"?
Comment from deabvt - 2/11/05 5:30 AM

hmm, goood question.
I have Sons and Lovers by D.H. Lewis....
and Shakespear, and I don't know....
lots of books.  I would have to get up and actually look, and I just
don't want to right now, lol!
Thanks for sharing coy, 2 books that stand out are Eat Mango's Naked, by Sark
and the title, IDIOTS Yoga....LOL!
Comment from babyshark28 - 2/11/05 12:57 AM

I designed my fireplace, and instead of brick with a mantel in the center over the fireplace, it's brick in the center and bookshelves on either side, to theceiling. I have tons of books here! Currently I am reading "Skeleton Man" by Tony Hillerman, but will be on "Trace" by Patricia Cornwall" by tomorrow, and I have another 4-5 to read over the weekend. Yummy stuff!
Comment from suzypwr - 2/10/05 11:44 PM

GREAT idea!  By the way, do you like "The Joy of Digital Photography"?  If not, what do you most recommend????
Comment from nhd106 - 2/10/05 11:09 PM

OMG someone that loves books as much as me.....My husband teases me all the time about it ....I have all kinds, self help in a lot of areas novels, love stories, crafts, sewing,on and on I feel like a sponge I go crazy when i don't have anything to read.......God Bless the readers, My children and granddaughter are following in my footsteps. It helps alot my daughter is an Honor stutent and My grandaughter is in Kindergarten and ia at a reading level of a late 1st grader...woo hoo for her.....Have a wonderful week...

Comment from mykesmom75 - 2/10/05 9:52 PM

I love piles of books. My hallway has bookcases, front room has glass front bookcases, the boys rooms have bookcases, and my bedside table has book piles. Oh and even the toilet tank has a little pile of books. LOL. My favorite reads are Stephen King and every so often a good romance.
Have a great weekend.
Comment from fasttrack58 - 2/10/05 9:35 PM


suzypwr said...

The only pile of books I have is the one I am currently reading. I have a book "jones" and had to make new rules years ago. The library keeps all my books for me, and they let me take them out when I want them. My taxes buy the books, so it's a good plan all around. If I ever went in a bookstore, I would need several grocery carts when I left. The library is a wonderful thing! I still have many old books and reference books on my bookshelves in my family room, but if I move, I will have to decide if I am getting new shelves or getting rid of most of my books. Donating, I mean.


ryanagi said...

I knew we'd done this before! I had such deja vu running around with the camera today. LMAO!!  And thanks for the link to Alphawoman. I didn't know she'd reverted back to her AOL journal again.

luvmort said...

O.K., fine. I'll do the Wednesday Photoshoot!

luvmort said...


You wanted piles, here's my piles!

cneinhorn said...


I played too!

deabvt said...

Now, that`s what I call Piles!!!

alphawoman1 said...

I love this entry...and seeing some of the old names that are so dear to me.  My computer monitor is kaput, so I can barely see pcitures. Isn't that funny...not certain what the heck I am posting anymore!!lol!!!

Going to examine your bookshelf on the computer at work!


alphamoon65 said...

I have a book in the bathroom...lol under the sink, one on my nightstand, one in the living room...I read all the time..but I like to have several different ones going...nerd I know...lol  Take care

pennietoonz said...

Hello and thanks for visiting my journal! This entry is dear to my heart, as I love books! Anything from Charles Dickens to Thomas Hardy to Nicholas Sparks, Richard Paul Evans, W. Dale Cramer, Jan Karon, W. Somerset Maugham.... I could go on for days! :)

gotomaria said...

Books are on my list of favorite things...I try not to box them but then they do get into piles...I often think I need to open up a small coffee and card shop library to somehow get more enjoyment out of my books.  I just love to read and make cards....30 boxes...wow that is a lot!..but kudos to you for getting down from 100!