Wednesday, March 1, 2006

What a waste ...

    I can't stop thinking about an article that I read in the Wall Street Journal today at lunch time.  


     The article was about the Auto Industry and the over 12,000 people they have been paying since 1984 to sit around all day and do nothing. Many are making upwards of $30.00 and hour plus complete benefits to sit in a room with a supervisor and hundreds of other one time autoworkers, doing crossword puzzles and other such insignificant things.

     It's mind boggling when you sit back and do the math ... this works out to millions of wasted dollars and hours every year. Financially I guess it works out for some but I can't imagine being very content sitting around and being unproductive all day.

     I didn't find the link to the article I read today but HERE is a similar article that I found in the Auto Insider at Detroit News. com. Amazing how a program like this has survived for over 20 years. Only in America.

     Have a Happy Thursday tomorrow everyone.



cneinhorn said...

you think this is why they're all being laid off right now?!

suzypwr said...

They have very strong unions! It's amazing how much money is wasted. I got my master's degree in management with mostly auto workers in the classes too. They were generally allowed to be off work to take two classes, they didn't have to pay for anything, and they were guaranteed promotions. If they get laid off, they still get paid almost full pay usually. You want to know why cars cost so much? The ones who do work get incredible amounts of paid time off. Think "Generous Motors."


coy1234787 said...

Nettie, I'm sure it's all related

Suzy,  I figured you would have some upclose and personal experience with this, living where you do!
    I think the union contract may be up for revision soon, maybe some of these guys will have to go out and get real jobs, you know become productive members of society again.
    If the Motor Companies decided to do away with these useless job banks it would certainly affect the financial situation of thousands and could be devastating for areas like Detroit, right?
                                     *** Coy ***

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nanmm11 said...

lets face it foreign cars are better made and its taken years for people to see and accept that fact. These cars cost more but in the end retain their value and get great gas mileage. Then wonder why the amercian auto industry has to lay off so many hard working people. These "no show" jobs reminds us that the "mob" lives and breathes and only now wears three piece suits and ties. Its up to us to vote out and vote in the right people in the right places.

alphamoon65 said...

Hey Coy,
thanks for the kind words, and stopping by my journal.  Oh that the article burns my Alot of auto workers here in Ohio are losing their jobs...their jobs are being moved somewhere else. To think that you could sit around and make that kind of money...dang where do I sign up...j/k Take care

jeanno43 said...

The British car industry is none more, just like the coal mines.  Everything has gone to overseas companies