Wednesday, February 18, 2009

100 things #14 It's been years since I participated in a photo challenge ...

but today I am going to post an entry for Carly's Photo Challenge. This weeks subject is "Birds" <-- go here.

Living in South Florida birds are plentiful and
happen to be one of my favorite subjects to photograph.

These are not brand new photos ... I don't recall if that is part of the challenge or not.

Carley offered extra credit this week for
posting a Snowy Egret photo ... here's mine.


Carly said...

Hi Coy :)


Welcome back to the Monday Photo Shoot! You haven't played since I took over the reins, so I will welcome you to the newest version, but in any case, I want you to know I got a big smile on my face this morning, just because I heard from you! Welcome Back m'dear!

Blue Herons, Snowy Egret and a Swan, three of the most beautiful birds ever, and you captured them just wonderfully. Neat. I hope you will continue to participate in the photo shoot assignments, it would be so nice to have you with us!

Big Hugs, Carly

Monica said...

What a treat to see you posting photos for a challenge again!

I love the snow egret and the swans. Oh, I love them all, who am I fooling? :-)


Ann said...

These are beautiful!!! Congrats on getting back into the photo challenge! :D (I love living in Florida ;) )

Suzanne R said...

All of the birds are magnificent! Thanks for coming back to the Monday Photo Shoot (I'm rather new myself) and posting these great shots!

Tammy said...

These were a joy to see. Thank you for sharing!

Terri said...

Wonderful photos! Herons just crack me up when they do the grumpy old man look like in the second heron shot. And they can be so elegant and lovely.

Wammy said...

I wish I lived where itw as warm and there were lots of birds. Right now all we have are cardinals, a few robins, junko's, chickadees, bluejays, woodpeckers....I guess we have a lot but nothing as beautiful as these.

Liz said...

All wonderful photos but you really captured the heron.

Mike said...

I feel a little warmer just getting to see warm weather birds. Good job.