Wednesday, February 25, 2009

100 things #20 I love being in the midst of a crowd ...

especially when it's an artsy crowd like this one.

Over the weekend, David and I went back to Lake Worth for the street painting festival.

Every year, these artists gather to paint the streets with chalk.

The amount of work involved in compleating one of these pieces is difficult to describe and the thoughts of the whole thing being washed away with the first rain, sort of makes you wonder why ...

I guess it's like the sand castle artist ... they create the art for the love of art.

My new camera really got a work out ...

There were literly hundreds of pieces to look at, sort of like being at an outdoor musem.

It was interestging watching these people work and trying to figure out why they chose the reference pieces that they did.

I have to share my camera with David now, he is starting to become as hooked as I am when it comes to searching for color and flavor to capture. I'll have to start posting more of the photos here that we take on our one day adventures.

It wasn't easy choosing just a few favorites to post today but space is limited, I am saving my very favorite for a post of it's own.

I have every intention of returning next year, if any of you feel like joining me let me know ... I will say it was about 80 degrees here in Sunny South Florida on Sunday, not a cloud in the sky.


DB said...

Coy, these are some fascinating pictures, not the usual sidewalk art. Thank you for sharing your photos. The sidewalk art and sand sculpture are like theatre. Once the show is over there is nothing left except a memory. Your photos are like memories.


gigi said...

I love chalk festivals too. They're always so lively and colorful. I'm always fascinated by how the artists work ~ the perspectives are so different than what you'd normally encounter. And the street theater is great fun.

Nice captures! :)

Kirsty said...

This is a lovely blog. I so enjoy reading it! And I love chalk art - there's something beautiful about its ephemerality.

TJ said...

I have never seen such...
I wished I could have talent in these areas.
I paint then throw away.
I ahve kept very few things.
I bet you had fun!!

Ann said...

WOW the shots are great! I like being in the midst of an artsy crowd, too. For me, my favorite is seeing live music, lots of good energy. The sidewalk art is unreal!!! My favorite is the bright blue background on the Oriental woman... Too bad that can't be framed.