Tuesday, February 24, 2009

100 things #19 Tonight I recieved a message of Spirit by Betty ...

at my Drum Circle.

Put 20 women together with a bunch of drums and rattles to celebrate centuries old Native American traditions of drum, song and dance and there is no telling what will come to surface.

Tonight ... Betty was moved by Spirit to write me the message above, after I brought to the circle thoughts and talk of times of great prosperity being a mans world and times like we are facing now being time for women like us to follow our instincts to help put the priorities back in order not only for ourselves, our families and our communities ... but also for our universe. I felt honored. Thank you Betty.
I just wanted to add that in today's state of economy with all of its layoffs in many male dominated industries, women are not only becoming the major bread winner in more and more families, but also continue to be the major caregivers as well.

If today's trend continues and we find ourselves in a long term recession these responsibilities may begin to shift some, but I'm sure we are still light years away from seeing complete roll reversal. I think that employed women will continue to take on the roll as primary caregiver before our unemployed men (in general) will be able to figure out how. Hopefully by then, we will find ourselves back in prosperous times.

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Ann said...

Amen to that, Coy.