Sunday, February 22, 2009

100 things # 18 I Hate, Hate, Hate my Sprint Touch Phone ...

For a little over a year I have been a very unsatisfied Sprint customer. 6 touch phones later they just keep replacing one bad phone with another bad phone just like it.
I've used Sprint for years with no serious complaints until now. Up until yesterday I have been unable to get them to budge because of a contract that is not up until December.
I won't go into details about how crazy upset they made me but I will say that today I am a very happy Sprint customer again.
I Love, , Love, Love my new Blackberry Curve ...

who says the squeeky wheel doesn't get oiled?


Ann said...

I want a Blackberry :/. Gotta say, my Motorola has been through hell and back and is still working. No complaints. Happy Sunday, Coy! :)

Rose said...

I love my Verizon....I don't need too many fancy features...just a few.

So sorry you are stuck with a contract until December. Keep calling and complaining and see if you can get a Manager to help out.


Rebecca Anne said...

I have Sprint and hate hate hate their customer service, the plans they offer and the phones that seem to tank every couple of months.
Maybe I'll try a Blackberry Curve next time~~

TJ said...

I have the OLD Blackberry and have been thinking for a while about updating.
They are a wonderful little gizmo!
( I Love being able to have the address book with me at all times )