Saturday, February 7, 2009

Where are your hundred things lady? :)

A few days ago I was reading Annie girls hundred things about me post <- go here) I learned a lot about her in that post and it reminded me of a time when journaling was new and we were all making that kind of list. Still miss those days.

Maybe I mentioned that I would like to put together a list of my own so why should I be surprised that she is asking where it is? I don't think I have time today to put together an entire list but maybe I can post 1 or 2 things at a time.

#1 My name is Coy ... I was named after my paternal Grandmother, her name was Coy Golden Slaton, mine is Coy Lynn. Until 2004 she was the only other Coy I had ever met.

If I had to get stuck with a family name, I'm glad that it was hers. My Mom's family is from the south ... her given name was Clovis Jean, she uses her middle name (hmmm ...I wonder why?) Her Mothers name was Hatti Lela, she also used her middle name. I have an Aunt Elouise (we call her Weezie) and then there is my cousin Eunice May, I told you they were from the south ya'll.

I did meet another Coy somewhere in the middle of the Caribbean when I was on an awards trip with the company I work with a few years ago. See photo below.

That was a great trip ... 120 of us from our company on a 7 day Caribbean Cruise with plenty to do round the clock. No matter where you went on the ship or at one of the ports you were bound to run into someone you know. The photo below was taken at Senor Frogs in Nassau when Sheila and I bumped into a few people from our deck company including the other Coy (far right). Fun memories.


Ally Lifewithally said...

Lovely photographs ~ you are the only "Coy" I have ever Met ~ and I think it is an unusual and Great name ~ Ally x

Ann said...

I love the name Coy. And I love the name Clovis and I love, love LOVE Lela. Not loving Eunice so much. ;)