Tuesday, December 7, 2004

Ahhh ...

     Great new haircut, nice fresh highlights, manicure, pedicure ... yea ... really good day today.

    My almost month long vacation continues. I spent a large part of the day at the Hair Salon where Mandy works ... looking good ... feeling good ... nothing like getting all freshened up:-)

     Another project I got accomplished today was getting a package ready to put in the mail for my niece Brittney. Her birthday is on Friday. This year she is away at college and has been home almost every weekend since she has been away but not the weekend of her birthday. Hmmm ... what's up with that?

     It's always been hard to get focused on holiday shopping until the birthday thing is under control and then Mandy's is on January 13th, still have time to worry about that one later.

     I'm still on the detox diet, ( I did cheat on the Jungle Queen night) so many of you have E-mailed and left comments regarding that. More details later I promise, for now you can get a basic idea HERE 

     The photo above is one I took at the beach yesterday. The light is so different this time of year and yes there were plenty of people swimming. I liked the photo as it was but I liked it even more after I ran it through a filter, looks like a painting:-)

                                night all

                              *** Coy ***



cneinhorn said...

see, it's true, the light is different this time of year! even in sunny florida! very nice coy!  :-)  ~jerseygirl, the northern shore!

coy1234787 said...

Nettie, very true about the light this time of year and also the sunsets are amazing oranges, pinks and shades of blues. I live on the east coast of Florida so we get the sunrise on our beach and to get good sunset photos I try to head to Loxahatchee park a mile or so from my house.
    I'll have to get some new sunset photos posted:-)
                          *** Coy ***

jeanno43 said...

The picture is really pretty. Glad you had some pampering, nothing like it is there? xxxx

indigosunmoon said...

I am lovin that picture girlfriend!
Too beautiful for words!

shewolfdancing said...

The Beach is Georgious!  I want to come swimming!  You cant swim in the Mississippi river or the Gulf... too dirty~  Blach...    I actualy have a very good freind of mine who lives in your town.  He works at Barnes & Nobels!  I am hoping to visit him soon but it is quite a drive from N.O to B.R.

Glad you are enjoying your time off~  Yeahoo~~


ryanagi said...

I love that photo! Now I REALLY want to move down there. LOL

sasonalmah said...

That is a great picture!!!!!!  I understand about the HOliday shopping!  My Grandma's b-day is Sept., then Grandpa's in November, then there is the holidays, and then My sister's is january 5th!


lindainspokane said...

what a great picture! some times it is best to remember ourselves and give ourselves the royal treatment...its been too long for me...i think thats what we all need to make ourselves feel better and to appreciate things...so i am proud of u for taking time our for u!


abeator81 said...

Oh I so want to go back to Florida!!!

I love the picture.

love Amy xxx

dcmeyer420 said...

Glad to hear that you took time to get pretty-fied, a lot of us need that.  Feeling good about yourself, looking good, and loving yourself is a must.  Women get so caught up with looking out for everybody except themselves.  Looks like you are enjoying your vacation. Your pictures made me want to take a walk on the beach. I have not done that since Ivan's devastation. I might just do that today. Thanks Coy for bright ideas!http://journals.aol.com/dcmeyer420/DearDiary/  

candace636 said...

Beautiful photo. Do you think Santa could bring me an ocean view?

ann7inflorida said...

AWESOME PHOTO, COY!!! Manicure & pedicure? sounds like heaven! : )

boiseladie said...

Cool photo!  I like it!  A MONTH LONG vacation??  Wow!  I could use one of those!

slowmotionlife said...

Oh, those are the kids of days I LOVE.  A new haircut is a blessing.  And I started my diet again today.  I've been WAY too lax over the holidays - time to get my butt in gear.  Grrrr... :P