Friday, December 31, 2004

The chicken or the egg? The photo or the entry?

     I'm having major computer issues ... not the least of which is with my digital camera software. Grrr ...

     I have not had a single problem downloading photos from my camera in the year that I've owned it, until now. Grrr again ... I love this camera, it's a Kodak Easyshare, it's so easy to use and it's one of the two things that inspired me to start writing my online journal.

     Being out of commission for a couple of days in the "new photo department," I've noticed that most of my entries here are inspired by the newest photo or groups or photos of the people, places and things in my everyday life.

     My camera is always with me, I keep it in my purse in a cute but light weight little bag, wouldn't want to miss a Kodak moment or anything. Ahhh ... not everybody likes this about me.

     My point here is, I'm finding it surprisingly difficult to write an entry and then choose an older photo to go with it, it feels a lot like putting the cart before the horse.

      If you are wondering what the photo above has to do with this entry, well, truth is ... nothing. It's just a photo I took about this time last year when I was at an outdoor art show with a friend in Delray, it was taken from practically right outside his front door ... nice, right? 

      I remember this day... I had stopped by to show him the photos I took while I was in the Caribbean on a company cruise (Employee of the year). I was still bubbling over with excitement from all the beautiful things that I had seen and all of the fun that I had while I was there.

     I remember the minute I took this photo, I had just made a remark like ... "Every thing was so beautiful there, it was truly paradise ... every photo I took looked like a post card"

     I remember his smile and his words as he said "Don't forget that to the rest of the world, we live in paradise.If you were atourist here you might take a picture of this, (pointing towards the intercoastal) and take it home to show your family and friends a photo that looks like a post card. I took the photo and he was so right ... it did look like a postcard (before I cropped it) I E-mailed it to him that night.

    I think of those words often and have spent a lot of time since then being grateful for something I had been taking for granted for so long ... the opportunity to spend one more day in Paradise.

     Mmmm ... it doesn't get any better than this, I mean it. Are there places to photograph where you live that look just like a postcard?

                                    *** Coy ***

     BTW-to my very wise friend and you know who you are ... we both know that you read this journal, even though you don't admit it and never leave a comment. I just want to say "Thank You" for that important reminder.   


coy1234787 said...

I remember living near the intercoastal waterway.  It was so pleasant.

Sorry about your camera but I had a Kodak EasyShare and after about 1 1/2 years the lenses stopped working.  It was bizarre.

Have a beautiful New Year.
Comment from dbaumgartner - 12/31/04 11:35 AM

coy1234787 said...

Coy,  What an importent message to remember.  We do tend to forget where we are, and take for granted the things we have.  A lesson I too have learned this visit home.  I love the north east.  I am not going to settle in the warmth of sunny southern days and easy cool nights.  Extream temptures of -5 and blizzard like conditions, are what make me feel alive and appreiciate every warm sunny 80 degree day like it was a christmas gift from heaven.

Your friend is very wise...  as they say...  I wish I knew then, what I know now...  but I think it has taken me to this point in my life, to realise that I must not let others sway me from what I know in my heart to be true.  

Your camera takes beautiful photos, sorry it is broken.  I know what a loss that is to feel, and mind was wiped out for a bit as well.  

Take each day with a smile and a glass of water, live like there is no tomorrow and laugh loud so the whole world can hear you....

You are awsome... and you dont need a photo to tell that story of inspiration.  Just be you!

Bright Blessings Always
Comment from shewolfdancing - 12/31/04 12:11 PM

rrveh1 said...

{{{COY}}} CONGRATULATIONS!!! Wonderful! Enjoy your spotlight week!
Great to have a breeze of Florida here-love the beaches. Cool Journal!
My sister has a Kodak Easyshare and likes it very much.
Smiles... :) I have super enthusiasm for photography never being without
my camera and I always choose the photo! :)

Happy New Year to you and yours!_rRose

sasonalmah said...

I hope you get your camera problems taken care of!  That is a beautiful picture!!!


sylviam4000 said...

Wouldn't be without my digi camera and it's surprising what you can snap and crop that turn into lovely 'postcards'.

redwind1945 said...


I have also been having recent problems with my Kodak Shareware. I download from the Kodak Dock which has always been very smooth...until about a week ago. Now the transfer prtion of my software is refusing to cooperate.
I went to the Kodak website which now has version 4 of the software for free download. I ordered the CD for $7.95 or so because I am on a dial-up and do not like the time it takes for downloads.
Anyway, I won't know if the new software version fixed my problem until it arrives and is installed, but thought I would pass the info along FYI.

greyhoundloner03 said...

congrats on being Editor's Pick coy!!!
happy new year (what a way to begin!)

lamove04 said...

Go Coy!!! I'm so happy that you were chosen #1 Editor's Pick-- great time of year for it to happen, and you are well-deserving--!  sorry you're having troubles currently in the photo dept, but you're creative in your writing too, so I'm sure you'll continue to make some good entries.  Happy New Year!  xxoo, Albert

indigosunmoon said...

I'm missing my camera so much right now.
I've seen so many beautiful things I would
like to snap a picture of!  Hopefully we will
be able to get it fixed soon!
Happy New Year Coy!
Love you!

cneinhorn said...

I totally relate to this Coy!  For this reason, I don't post daily....I wait for the photo/s that inspire me before pix/no story :-)  This is a lovely is nice to be living in picture postcard perfect scenery!  I try to look at the North East Coast like that too....see things that I'd appreciate were I vacationing!~ Wonderful photo and great entry!  :-)  

Have a happy and Healthy New Year!

ldebbiedeb7 said...

I just got your comment that you left on my journal, Thanks so much...Looking forward to comming back,you'll be the first place I stop ! Boca ...Lucky You! Im visisting in March...couldnt get here soon enough.Take care,D

daunb5 said...

your camera is doing better than some.Oh well.Your blog is great.Everyone of your blog entries are great.

always~~the person writing

realitycheckmco said...

You know that the Kodak show I work for plugs the Easy Share stuff.. Do write or call them. they tend to bend over backwards to keep customers happy.

suzypwr said...

Cameras and phones are just not as easy as they used to be, are they? Your pictures are always lovely! xoox

kristeenaelise said...

I think its a wonderful pic - I laughed and laughed because I have the same problem a lot of times.  Now that I finally got that digicam I'm taking pics of EVERYTHING.  (Carrying it in your purse is a wonderful idea!!)

=) kris

coldjetblaster said...

Hi,  I also use a Kodak.  I can't stand the software.  I don't use it or the base any more.  I bought a USB Plug and Play SC Card reader.  Now I just pop the SC card out of the camera and into the SD reader.  Its just like having another drive in your computer.  Move the files to the computer and you're good to go again.

isawandstayed said...

Looks just amazing. Is that sky colour really real? Reminds me I need to take my holiday I won for being an employee of the year - to Florida. Sounds good already.

coy1234787 said...

Coy, that`s a beautiful way of getting the point across...and, a good point!!
Comment from deabvt - 1/1/05 9:10 PM

mommysquiettime said...

I know exactly what you mean about the camera.  I have probably over 1,000 pictures of my kids! LOL I love it when I have a great picture to inspire an entry.
Even though the picture was from a year ago, it sounds like it still holds a wonderful memory of a friend, a beautiful scene, and most importantly, a message that is timeless. :-)

sirffish said...

Hi Coy ... I also have a little bit of paradise, were I live, it is called Brigantine NJ.. A small island next to AC... I also enjoy this time of year, instead with a heavy coat. I drive the beach day every day to see the wildlife that stays all year, and changes with the seasons.. It is good to know that there is another bit of paradise in your world. Thank You for sharing that with us.

lillygrl2010 said...


ger8166 said...

Very beautiful picture..!!

btthd25n said...

Your picture deffinatly looks like a post card! I love to take photos and I also always carry my camera with me! Sadly I have yet to get a digital camera although it is definatly on my to get list! My kids and beautiful peices of nature are my favorite subject to photograph! Just a little comment for you,,, Keep on seeing and enjoying all the beauty in life, those whom only see the disaster and tragedy that we all face are those whom are never truley happy but those whom see the beauty are wonderful and beautiful theirselves! Have a wonderful year!