Thursday, December 23, 2004

If one were so inclined (or had the time)

    Well, it didn't stay cold (OK cool) here for very long, we had a couple of days where it got down in the 40's at night it was a nice break and now it's almost 80 again. Soooo ... no white Christmas here, no snowman on the front lawn but ... you could make a really cool sandman at the beach, if one were so inclined (or had the time). Maybe next week.

     Spent yesterday doing a little more shopping, I went alone this time (I get so much more accomplished by myself) just have a few small things to finish up today. 

     Brittney (my niece) is home from college, we spent the entire evening wrapping together last night. A lot of my stuff was already there because I've done so much of my shopping with my sister, I brought over the rest.

     It seems that the preparation work has been the highlight of the season so far, the shopping the wrapping the interruptions to play cards with our friends and neighbors, lunches out with my mother, mall trips with Mandy. The journey's been almost as great as the final destination.

                                  Happy Thursday

                                     *** Coy *** 



ann7inflorida said...

Happy Thursday to you too, Coy!!! : )

abeator81 said...

you dont know how lucky you are to have all that heat! I want to go back to Florida!!  It's cold here but not much chance of snow....just coldness....I miss the beach and the palm trees and the heat and the sun and...Disney!

love Amy xxx

sasonalmah said...

Oh, I would much prefer a sand man to a snow man!  LOL  We are iced in right now!!!!!!!!!!!!


suzypwr said...

The journey should always be as good as the destination! xoxo

astaryth said...

Hmmmmm... I'll always take a sandman over a snowman!! <g>.... Hey, we have white christmases here... white sand that is! <eg>

ryanagi said...

Merry Christmas, Coy!

slowmotionlife said...

We're still dreaming of a White Christmas here... or White Christmas EVE, at least. LOL  Our luck, all we'll get is the sleet and ice - no snow.  What a miracle it would be if we got snow.  I don't think I've seen snow in Texas since my high school days!!  At least it will still be good and cool for Christmas, right?  There's nothing more depressing than opening your Christmas gifts wearing shorts!  LOL  Merry Christmas, Coy!!

geminiwilder said...

did i tell you, all of our snow melted yesterday??  we had rain and 50+ degrees!   i don't know if that's good or bad, LOL. but it's back to cold.  i would love to someday built a sandsnowman!  how cute.  

happy christmas eve.!   xo Phinney

ccbzanoni said...

You and your family seem to know how to have a good time.  the christmas hat idea looked like great fun!   Here in Virginia we just had a freak snow storm where some areas near by got 12 inches of snow and others 1.5 inches.  My area got 3 inches.  For new year's it will be a balmy 60.   Happy New year to you!

paintsaqha said...

Maybe we had the white christmas that you were thinking about!   Yes, it snowed here in Rockport, TX and lasted for three days.. It would have been wonderful if only we had water.. We lost our well at 4:30 on Christmas Eve. You will never know how precious water is until you try to cook Christmas Dinner without water.