Wednesday, December 1, 2004

The month of the vacation, day one

     I spent my first day of vacation, hanging out in J-land much longer than usual this morning. I've done a little blog hopping in some new journals over the last day or two and it seems we've got a bit of new talent out there. (More people to love in J-Land)

     I did start a cleansing diet this morning, it's not often that I have the opportunity to lay low for a few days so I can start a proper detox. (more about that later)

     I took a nap from 12:00 to 1:00 and then got some things done around here. Laundry mostly. I had a nice salad for lunch, a little olive oil and lemon juice only and a cold glass of sparkling water.

     Mandy called around 2:00, we had a nice chat and discussed our shopping trip coming up on Friday. I love my little girl:-)

     At 4:00, I hit the pavement, wanted to at least get out there a bit, into the middle of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. It  wasn't to crazy out there, I had no problem finding a parking spot at any of the places I went.

    I have not even started my shopping yet ... gasp! Historically speaking, I usually have things under control by now but not this year.

    If any of you can help with ideas to simplify my shopping, what to give and where to get it, please let me know. I'm not really talking charitable contributions or volunteering of time here, hopefully I've got that part under control starting with helping to create a little Christmas Magic for Cameron. <--- I mean the shopping.

     I ended up at Panara Bread for dinner, had another salad. This time it was a Caesar, yep complete with creamy dressing lot's of parmesan and sourdough croutons. Not exactly on the list for a detox diet but ... I did forgo the perfect piece of sourdough bread and extra Caesar dressing for dipping that usually comes with the salad.

     The healthiest part of that salad was the fact that I ate it outside, just a few feet from my gym. I saw a few people that I know from the gym and now I'll be meeting someone there tomorrow for a work out. I've only been about 10 times in the last 6 months. shhh ...

      I talked to my friend Mary Lou on the phone and we made plans to hang out together a little next week. She was busy putting up all of her Christmas Decorations, she lives on the Intercoastal so they have to get ready for the Boat Parade.

     After dinner I spent a couple of hours at Barnes and Nobel snuggled up in one of their overstuffed chairs, checking out some new books. I did skip my usual Jamba Juice, while they are quite healthy they have an enormous number of calories in them, (maybe next time).

     The picture above is of a car that looked like it was abandoned on the side of the road. I hope some kids didn't take it out and just dump it there. It looked so out of place but made for a nice picture.

              Tomorrow the vacation continues

                        Good Night All

                         *** Coy ***    


jibaro6543 said...

First I wanted to THANK YOU SO MUCH for stopping by my journal and leaving such BEAUTIFUL comments...You really touched my heart. My family is from Puerto Rico... I do not think I celebrated Christmas until I got into high school here in the states. We always went to PR for a Month during the holidays. Some of the best times of my life.... ALSO I live in Central Florida... ever hear of Christmas Florida. It is towards the east coast going towards Titusville. I loved reading your journal... Congrats on being on vacation...sounds like you are off to a good start. I put your journal on my alerts so that I can keep up with you and your life.... Take Care

dcmeyer420 said...

Thanks for visiting my J. I like your J's description. Isn't that what life is all about? Self awareness. We forty something always had moments in our lives where we totally forgot ourselves because we are so busy tending to everybody's needs. Then we realize that we need to take care of ourselves so we can continue on giving and living. We are all work in progress.

stormie4851 said...

Happy Vacation!  Seems like you have everything under control and had a productive first day, wishing you many more of the same.....................Stormie

bookncoffee said...

Ahhhhh!  Panera bread of my favorites.  I love their Asian Sesame Chicken Salad ---something like that anyway and soup!

deabvt said...

Neat Car!!

danielled1 said...

Sounds like a great start to your vacation :)


cneinhorn said...

Detoxing....great idea....I need to do this too, you've inspired me to start...what  a neat car!  I hope it wasn't abandoned, that car is worth money if it's all fixed up...sounds like your VaCa is off to a good start...enjoy the time you have to relax away from work!  :-)    

ann7inflorida said...

I'm really interested to know how your diet goes! I've been trying to diet to, with out much success. : (