Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Brrr ... From South Florida

       Today is really our first winter like day here in South Florida, didn't get cold enough to bring the orchids in but it defiantly jacket weather today.

     The graphic above is from my first J- Land Christmas Card, it's from Connie. Isn't the little bear so cute? I'll be out of town tonight and have some catching up to do when I get back.

     Hope every one is enjoying the magic of the season.

                               *** Coy ***


geminiwilder said...

that teddy bear is ADORABLE!  i'd like to find
her under my tree!!  oh, and Coy?  if it's not
cold enough to bring the orchids in, it's not winter
weather!    ;)  ::wink::
~  Phinney

cyandfayedavis said...

Glad to hear its so warm there (it is 27* here).  We'll be coming down the last of January and hope you can hold on to the "warm" weather till then.

If we are wise, our mistakes will make us wiser!

cyandfayedavis said...

oops-- that last comment about "wise" was meant for another journal.  See what
telephone calls and other distractions do for me? lol

suzypwr said...

Pardon me if someone from MI doesn't have much sympathy for your brrr, lol. I have some snow and ice I would love to send you!   xoxo

slowmotionlife said...

We had a SERIOUS cold front come in over the past two days.  I sent Elijah out to the bus the other morning and he came back for the first time.  He stood on the front porch and said, "Momma, I think I need a better coat."  LOL  So we've retired his sweatshirt jacket for the time being.  His big coat is finally getting some use.  Enjoy it while it lasts!!  I got a Connie Card too!  Too cute!  :D

dcmeyer420 said...

I hear you. I woke up today and went out just to see if my house is still in Florida! It got so cold last night that hubby and I brought in the potted tropical plants we have on our porch. Stay warm and keep those adventure pics coming!

judithheartsong said...

I am thinking of you! judi

deabvt said...


dbaumgartner said...

The bear is adorable!

It's really cold in Georgia too.  Monday morning we are supposed to be down to 19. Brrrrrrr!

barbpinion said...

Just stopped by to check out your journal. It's lovely. Will have to come back again. Please stop by and chat with me at:

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. *Barb*

indigosunmoon said...

I just loved those cards! I think she's precious!
It's been FREEZING cold here in Northeast Alabama
for days now!  They are talking snow for the weekend!
Love ya!

realitycheckmco said...

Jesus, woman.. come up here. I am freezing my ass off! What a difference 235 miles can make!

shewolfdancing said...

Hi Coy!   HAHAHAH   YOUR SO FUNNY.... Cold???   I am LOVING THE COLD.  I am so happy to be home on the east coast where the air is crisp and fresh!  But I can say that I do have sympathy, New Orleans is cold as well.  Down in the low 30's... and there is something to be had about a southern cold... I think there is more moisture in the air... so its a WET COLD...  the North has DRY COLD... it can be 10 degrees out up north... and you dont feel it down to your BONES... like you do in the South, with that damp wet cold.  

Does this make sence?

Hehehehe... I am so happy to be in the cold... happy to be home.

Take care... thanks for your visits to my J... that makes me happy too!

cneinhorn said...

Love the card!  :-)  I had the kids on the beach the other day for our Xmas cards, and they lasted all of 10 minutes, it was freezing!  So I did the best I could do given the lack of time, weather and cooperation, and we went and got's been brrrrrrrrrrrrr cold here girl!  Hubby is glad he's not fishing! :-)


ann7inflorida said...

I have been loving the cold weather!!! And Connie ROCKS!!!

intoodeep56 said...


sylvby said...

Hey Coy,thank you for sharing with us.Loved your photos especially the idea your family had about wearing the hats.It is always nice to see what the rest of the world is up to and to know what's happening elsewhere even if you don't travel that much.thanks again for sharing!Sylvia(NC)