Tuesday, December 21, 2004

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas

Here in Sunny South Florida.  

     So we may not have a White Christmas this year or any year for that matter, we still know how to prepare for the holiday's. We have had some cool weather this week, we're only talking in the 40's but it is a nice change from the 80's that we've been having up until now.

     This entire month has been filled with festive moments and holiday like happenings for me and I'm loving every minute of it. As hectic as things have been I have not had time to collect my thoughts to make many clever entries here in Dancing in the Rain, a quick update here in there seems all that I can manage but ... I'm doing my best to keep up with your journals and the important things going on with my friends old and new here in J-land and I appreciate all the great comments and e-mails I get from all of you each day.

     The photo above was taken at the mall yesterday (I hate to even use the "M" word). The kids were scurrying around down there in that colorful and funky little activity area and I thought it would make an interesting photo, I like it.

     My Office Holiday Party was Sunday night, I adore spending time with the people I work with away from the office, so far it was one of the highlights of the season for me.

     I was E.O.Y. this year actually, I tied with Brad for E.O.Y this year, we were not invited on the company trip this year like last year, the prize was $$$$ instead. Oh, and I just got an I'M from David saying I won the drawing for a Karaoke machine from work too, I'll go pick that up later and maybe if it's quiet enough there we can even try it out.

     Yesterday I got out and about early in the day with my Mom, I put a few packages in the mail to Louisiana for Angie and Joey, my two older kids. (I miss them so) and then we went to Panara Bread for lunch and took a drive out to some of our favorite shops out in Parkland and then ... yep ... the mall (hard to avoid right now).

     On our way home my sister called to see if I wanted to go shopping, an invitation to do anything with her this time of year is pretty hard to turn down, this is right in the middle of her busiest season with the party decorating. We went to the Wellington Mall, my first time there. The photo above was taken there.

     After shopping, we went back to her house to wrap and wrap and wrap ... we had a welcome interruption, it was an invitation to play cards with the neighbors. Texas Holdem it was fun as always.

     Hope everyone is enjoying this season as much as I am, just wanted to check in. Gotta go, I've already been sitting here longer than I had intended.

                                               *** Coy *** 


geminiwilder said...

Sounds like you're having a great time.  You are lucky.

Is it me, or does that play area look like a breakfast ???

 :)    Phinney

lindainspokane said...

it looks like giant waffles the kids are playing on! i cant even imagine Christmas being 80 degrees out! we played texas holdem at a friends this past summer and had a great time....glad things are going well with u..


suzypwr said...

I think you need some "weather." I will be glad to send you some. Several inches worth, but be careful, it's slippery. Oh, that sounds dirty, doesn't it? I am referring to snow and ice!  xoxo

ann7inflorida said...

Love the "M"pic, lol! It's great to hear that you're happy and having fun! Hugs to you, Coy!!! ~Ann : )

slowmotionlife said...

Can you believe they're actually forecasting possible "wintery mix" for Christmas Eve here in Texas?  I can't wait.  I swear, if we get snow, I'm going to FREAK!!

The Mall photo is great.  I haven't been making rounds either - not like I want to - but it's for a good cause.  New work.  Obsession.  It's a good thing.  LOL

Yah for packages in the mail!!  Merry Christmas, Coy!  :D

jeanno43 said...

Nice piccie of the Mall.  We have rain here, they have forecast snow for some parts of the U.K. for Christmas but we rarely get it in our little pocket of the country, so some will be lucky and others not.  Hope all your preparations are going well. xxxx

ryanagi said...

That play area looks so fun! Tyler would LOVE that!